CCNP Data Center 300-630 DCACIA Exam Questions

Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure – Advanced v1.0 (DCACIA 300-630) exam tests a candidate’s advanced knowledge and skills of Cisco switches in ACI mode including configuration, implementation, management, and troubleshooting. PassQuestion offers highly reliable CCNP Data Center 300-630 DCACIA Exam Questions for the preparation. If you are using CCNP Data Center 300-630 DCACIA Exam Questions, then you will be able to prepare for the Cisco 300-630 exam in an easier way.

Test Online Cisco 300-630 Free Questions

1. A network engineer configured an active-active firewall cluster that is stretched across separate pods in the Cisco ACI fabric.

Which two implementation setups for anycast services are available? (Choose two.)


2. Refer to the exhibit.

What must be configured in the service graph to redirect HTTP traffic between the EPG client and EPG server to go through the Cisco ASA firewall?


3. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer extends a Cisco ACI Multi-Pod setup to a Cisco ACI Multi-Site implementation.

Which action allows the interconnection?


4. What does the VXLAN source port add to the overlay packet forwarding when it uses the hash of Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4 headers of the inner packet?


5. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer must have communication between EPG1 in VRF1 and External EPG in VRF2.

Which three actions should be taken for the defined subnets in the L3Out External EPG to accomplish this goal? (Choose three.)


6. Which action should be taken in Cisco ACI to reassign a unique globally scoped pcTag to an EPG that provides a global contract?


7. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer implements Cisco ACI Multi-Site with default MTU settings between two sites.

Which configuration should be applied on the interface Eth1/10 on the ISN-1 device?


8. An engineer configures a new Cisco ACI Multi-Pod and must set up the link between the spine and the IPN device.

Which three actions should be taken to accomplish this goal? (Choose three.)


9. Refer to the exhibit.

The is configured as a default static route on L3Out-1.

Which action should be taken for the prefix to advertise out on L3Out-2 OSPF?


10. Which two actions are the Cisco best practices to configure NIC teaming load balancing for Cisco UCS B-Series blades that are connected to the Cisco ACI leaf switches? (Choose two.)


11. An engineer must limit local and remote endpoint learning to the bridge domain subnet.

Which action should be taken inside the Cisco APIC?



Drag and drop the tenant implementation designs from the left onto the outcomes of the design when a greenfield Cisco ACI fabric is deployed on the right.

13. Refer to the exhibit.

How is the ARP request from VM1 forwarded when VM2 is not learned in the Cisco ACI fabric?


14. Refer to the exhibit.

Between Cisco UCS Fls and Cisco ACI leaf switches, CDP is disabled, the LLDP is enabled, and LACP is in Active mode.

Which two discovery protocols and load-balancing mechanism combinations can be implemented for the DVS? (Choose two.)


15. Refer to the exhibit.

Which two configurations enable inter-VRF communication? (Choose two.)


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