CCNP Enterprise 300-420 ENSLD Free Questions

300-420 ENSLD Exam is a concentration exam requirement for the new CCNP Enterprise certification, PassQuestion new released CCNP Enterprise 300-420 ENSLD Exam Questions for your preparation. 300-420 ENSLD Exam Questions contain 60 real exam questions with accurate answers, which ensure that you can pass CCNP Enterprise certification 300-420 exam smoothly.  You can practice in the following CCNP Enterprise 300-420 ENSLD Free Questions.

1. Which solution allows overlay VNs to communicate with each other in an SD-WAN Architecture?


2. An engineer must design a VPN solution for a company that has multiple branches connecting to a main office.

What are two advantages of using DMVPN instead of IPsec tunnels to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)


3. Which NETCONF operation creates filtering that is specific to the session notifications?


4. An enterprise customer has these requirements:

– end-to-end QoS for the business-critical applications and VoIP services based on CoS marking.

– flexibility to offer services such as IPv6 and multicast without any reliance on the service provider.

– support for full-mesh connectivity at Layer 2.

Which WAN connectivity option meets these requirements?


5. What is a benefit of using VRRPv3 as compared to VRRPv2?


6. A customer is discussing QoS requirements with a network consultant. The customer has specified that end-to-end path verification is a requirement.

Which QoS solution meets this requirement?


7. Which nonproprietary mechanism can be used to automate rendezvous point distribution in a large PIM domain?


8. Which QoS feature responds to network congestion by dropping lower priority packets?


9. Which two BGP features will result in successful route exchanges between eBGP neighbors sharing the same AS number? (Choose two.)


10. A company is running BGP on a single router, which has two connections to the same ISP.

Which BGP feature ensures traffic is load balanced across the two links to the ISP?


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