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CEH 10 is CEH v9 plus IoT Security (new module), if you already have v9 study material, and able to find some more documentation on IoT Security, what tools are used, etc. you should be sorted. I can suggest everybody a website where you can download and read ongoing 312-50v10 dumps in PDF and software. Passquestion is giving unique inquiries of 312-50 exam. You can test in the following CEH v10 312-50v10 free questions which collected from Passquestion 312-50v10 full version, it can help you pass your Certified Ethical Hacker 312-50v10 exam successfully.

CEH v10 312-50v10 Free Questions To Test Online

1. An unauthorized individual enters a building following an employee through the employee entrance after the lunch rush.

What type of breach has the individual just performed?


2. Which of the following is the best countermeasure to encrypting ransomwares?


3. If an attacker uses the command SELECT*FROM user WHERE name = ‘x’ AND userid IS NULL; –‘; which type of SQL injection attack is the attacker performing?


4. Sophia travels a lot and worries that her laptop containing confidential documents might be stolen.

What is the best protection that will work for her?


5. An attacker has installed a RAT on a host. The attacker wants to ensure that when a user attempts to go to “www.MyPersonalBank.com”, that the user is directed to a phishing site.

Which file does the attacker need to modify?


6. Which of the following options represents a conceptual characteristic of an anomaly-based IDS over a signature-based IDS?


7. You are logged in as a local admin on a Windows 7 system and you need to launch the Computer Management Console from command line.

Which command would you use?


8. Which of the following act requires employer’s standard national numbers to identify them on standard transactions?


9. In Wireshark, the packet bytes panes show the data of the current packet in which format?


10. _________ is a set of extensions to DNS that provide to DNS clients (resolvers) origin authentication of DNS data to reduce the threat of DNS poisoning, spoofing, and similar attacks types.


11. PGP, SSL, and IKE are all examples of which type of cryptography?


12. Which of the following is considered as one of the most reliable forms of TCP scanning?


13. Which of the following scanning method splits the TCP header into several packets and makes it difficult for packet filters to detect the purpose of the packet?


14. Which of the following is the BEST way to defend against network sniffing?


15. You have successfully gained access to a Linux server and would like to ensure that the succeeding outgoing traffic from this server will not be caught by Network-Based Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS).

What is the best way to evade the NIDS?


312-49v9 Free Questions - ECCouncil Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (V9)

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