Certified Implementation Specialist – Project Portfolio Management CIS-PPM Exam Questions

ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Project Portfolio Management(PPM) exam certifies that a successful candidate has the skills and essential knowledge to contribute to the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of ServiceNow PPM applications. PassQuestion CIS-PPM Exam Questions are designed to provide you the best understanding of the Certified Implementation Specialist – Project Portfolio Management exam content. With PassQuestion CIS-PPM Exam Questions you will get your desired results in a short time with minimum efforts.

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1. Which of the following checks to see if the assessable record exists for the demand and creates an assessable record if none exists?


2. Projects and which other artifact can be linked to either a program, a portfolio, both, or neither.


3. If Scenario Planning for PPM is installed, a portfolio manager can access the Portfolio Planning Workbench by navigating to which of the following? (Choose two.)


4. When creating a resource plan within a demand, how are the default dates on a resource plan determined?


5. A customer requires five (5) teamspaces to support different departments.

What should you do?


6. When setting-up a program, planned ROI% is calculated based on: (Choose two.)


7. Which plugin provides a layer of artificial intelligence that empowers features and capabilities across applications to provide better work experiences?


8. To use the Time Sheet dashboard, what plugin must be installed?


9. Where do you define ‘Roles’ requested via resource plans?


10. Plugins may be added to the base platform in one of the following ways: (Choose three.)


11. What does the project status report allow project managers to do? (Choose two.)


12. How does a project manager request a change to a resource plan in the requested state?


13. In which table can you find cost information for a specific fiscal period?


14. What is the default schedule for a project?


15. The PPM Standard plugin enables an it_project_manager to perform the following activities: (Choose three.)


16. When a time card is approved, the actual time is stored in which two tables? (Choose two.)


17. Which of the following roles can access the project administration application?


18. The Project Portfolio Management application supports domain separation at this level:


19. The hourly rate is derived from the resource rate on the resource plan, if this option is selected.


20. Which role can configure the parameters of the demand workbench that is provided with the base system?


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