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1. Foster a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), needs to obtain a copy of a picture that a former employee of Friendly Interior an interior design studio posted on the company’s website three years ago. Unfortunately because the website has since been updated the picture is no longer available on the website.

Which of the following resources should Foster consult to find an earlier version of the Web page he needs?


2. In response to an accusation made during an admission-seeking interview the subject Begins to voice a denial to the charge.

How should the interviewer react to the first indication of a sublets denial’


3. Which of the following is a method of tracing assets that would yield the best result when several of the subject’s assets or liabilities have changed during the period under examination and the subject a financial records are not available?


4. A fabricated name and the post office box that an employee uses to collect disbursements from false billings is called:


5. Which of the following is the MOST ACCURATE statement about the privacy of information shared through social media?


6. Blue, a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) was interviewing Green a fraud suspect Although Green had a strong memory when responding to questions involving insignificant events, he began asking Blue w repeat almost every question that addressed important facts.

If Green b Involved In the suspected misconduct he might be repeating the question to


7. When a fraud examiner is conducting an examination and is in the process of collecting.

documents the fraud examiner should:


8. The most common method of detection in corruption cases is:


9. Which at the following should be done to prepare an organization for a formal fraud investigation?


10. Thea is conducting a fraud examination for a company and suspects one of the company’s vendors (a one-person operation) of fraudulent biting. Thea wants to obtain a copy of the suspect individuals credit report and personal data from a third-party information broker. If Thea works In a jurisdiction that regulates the distribution of personal credit information she cannot obtain the suspects personal credit data under any circumstances.


11. Which of the following is a reason why a subjects credit card statements can be useful in tracing investigations?


12. Beta a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), is conducting an admission-seeking interview of Gamma a fraud suspect Alter Beta gave Gamma an appropriate rationalization for his conduct Gamma continued his denials, giving various alibis. These alibis usually can be diffused by all of the following techniques EXCEPT.


13. Which of the following is an example of a dosed question?


14. A fraud examiner is based in Mexico, a non-European Union (EU) country and is collecting personal information from their company human resources (MR) files about an employee based in Germany an employee based country Based on these facts. The fraud examiner would need to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when conducting their Internal investigation.


15. A fraud examiner believes that a suspect might have used illicit funds to construct a commercial building to fit a restaurant.

Which of the following records would be the MOST helpful in confirming the owner of the building?


16. Which of the following is NOT one of the purposes of closing questions in a routine interview?


17. If your suspect is investing alleged illicit funds in items that will increase their net worth and you need to prove their illicit income circumstantially.

Which of the following methods of tracing assets would yield the best result?


18. Bennett, a fraud examiner is performing textual analytics on journal entry data. He developed a list of fraud keywords to search for based on the three legs of the Fraud Triangle.

Which of the following fraud keywords found In the journal entry tern is the best indicator of pressure to commit fraud?


19. Caroline a fraud examiner is conducting an admission-seeking interview with John an employee suspected of stealing cash.

Which of the following is the MOST effective phrasing for Caroline to use when posing an admission-seeking question to John?


20. Which of the following is the most appropriate measure when seeking to avoid alerting suspected perpetrators who are under investigation?


21. Delta, an Interviewer with little experience asks Sigma the respondent the following question. "Were you aware that the signature was forged and why didn’t you tell anyone earlier?

This kind of question Is cased a______________ question.


22. Which of the following usually is considered the most useful source of financial information available to fraud examiners in tracing a subjects assets?


23. Misty, a fraud investigator is interviewing Larry, who she suspects has been embezzling company funds.

Which of the following is NOT a recommended sequence in which Misty should ask Larry question?


24. Which of the following is NOT a common use of public sources of information?


25. Marilyn a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) is reasonably sure that Shelly, her primary suspect committed the fraud in question. Before scheduling an admission-seeking interview with Shelly. Marllyn should be reasonably sure of all of the following EXCEPT.


26. If the following statements were Included in a fraud examination report of a qualified expert, which of them would be IMPROPER?


27. Which of the following is NOT true with regard to tracing the deposition of loan proceeds?


28. Which of the following types of information would LEAST likely be found when searching external sources without the subject’s consent or a legal order?


29. Mary the payroll manager at Reed Co, suspects that there might be a ghost employee scheme occurring. She wants to ensure no two employees on the payroll have the same government Identification number.

Which of the following data analysis functions would be most useful for this test?


30. Which of the following is INCORRECT with regard to locating individuals using online records?


31. Amanda needs to know the location of the principal office and the date of incorporation of a company she is investigating.

Which of the following sources would most likely contain these items of Information?


32. Why do fraud examiners perform analysis on unstructured or textual data?


33. Which at the following is the most accurate statement about fraud response plans?


34. Which of the following is a common characteristic that asset hiders look for in the financial vehicles they use to conceal their assets?


35. Which of the following is the MOST ACCURATE statement concerning the volatility, of digital evidence?


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