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1. Notice of loss should be given to the insurer within ________days of the event of loss.


2. Which of the following is/are the basic classification of financial risk?


3. GDP at factor cost is equal to ________


4. In addition to the contribution employer has to pay ______________% of wages as administration charges.


5. X, a shopkeeper says to Y, who manages his business C “Sell nothing to Z unless he pays you ready money, for I have no opinion of his honesty”. Can Z claim against X for defamation?


6. Cash Flow is a tool that is more useful for


7. The markets for funds traded in currencies other than the currency of the trading country are referred to as


8. Which among the following is not an advantage of setting up a trust?


9. How many sections are there in Householder’s Insurance Policy?


10. The standard deviation of the returns of a portfolio of securities will be _________ the weighted average of the standard deviation of returns of the individual component securities.


11. Which of the following Mutual Funds was not set up within the Phase 2: 1987-1993?


12. SRO stands for


13. Which of the following is not the non- formal sources of law?


14. If a testator makes a will ‘to induce another person to make him comply with his (testators) wish’ but does not have any testamentary operation or intention, then this will is called as


15. Unabsorbed depreciation can be carried forward for ____________.


16. Which of the following is allowed as deduction from net annual value of a property?


17. Any amount payable and the amount of refund due under the Income Tax Act,1961 shall be rounded off to the nearest multiple of……….?


18. __________ records net change in ownership of foreign assets


19. A muslim gentleman can leave his will, bequeathing all his properties to someone often than his legal heirs to the extent of…………….


20. Which of the following is not an essential element of a trust?


21. The portfolio manager adds new stock to a portfolio. The stock has the same standard deviation as the existing portfolio but a correlation of coefficient with the existing portfolio that is less than +1.

What effect will adding the new stock have on standard of the revised portfolio?


22. Urban land means land situated in area not being more than ………………from local list of local authority as notification in official Gazette


23. Fundamental Analysis involves


24. As per rule 69 of doubling, what is the doubling period if rate of interest is 9%


25. Mathematically the Efficient Frontier is the intersection of the Set of Portfolios with ….…. Variance and the Set of Portfolios with ……. Return.


26. In case of resident of India, income from property situated in foreign country is taxable


27. AUM stands for


28. Once the client accepts the proposal to prepare a wealth plan what is the next thing done by a wealth manager?


29. A person is said to be Agnate of another if the two of them are related by blood or adoption entirely or wholly through males.


30. Which of the following is not correct in relation to ETFs?


31. Types of shares are


32. A “Mass Affluent” segment client has investible assets worth of


33. A kind of lease in business organisations wherein the lesssor and lessee agree to a payment schedule (normally some months) have no payment and penalty


34. Interest rate charged are higher in ……………


35. Which of the following measure is most widely used as an indicator of inflation?


36. What is the minimum amount one can deposit in a PPF account in a financial?


37. Stock dividends cause


38. Preparation of budget of a client is like doing _______________ for a patient


39. Markets in which funds are transferred from those who have excess funds available to those who have a shortage of available funds are called


40. _______ is an unconditional written order to pay money.


41. Which one of the following sections of the Transfer of Property Act, defines ’Notice’


42. In “Teenage Years” life stage, one learns about ___________


43. How many registered offices can a company have?


44. “Early accumulation” life stage is normally during ______


45. Which of the following statement is true?


46. Partition can be effected orally & there is no requirement in law that the partition must the evident try a written agreement


47. What is ‘Mudharabah’


48. If POA in respect of in moveable property of value more than ………………….it must be registered


49. Surender the driver causes injuries to a pedestrian by rash driving of car. The injured victim had to spend Rs.1000 in treating his injuries. Surender ‘s act has created liabilities under


50. First step in developing a Wealth Management Plan is


51. Merton’s theory is ___________


52. Which of the following is not a business risk?


53. According to the capital asset pricing model, the expected rate of return on any security is equal to __________.


54. Multi period hedging is ________


55. What is the minimum paid up capital needed to form a public limited company?


56. For a “single income family” priority is on


57. Which of the following are the basic requirements for an existence of an HUF?


58. If any expenditure is incurred by an Indian company wholly and exclusively for the purpose of amalgamation or demerger, the said expenditure is


59. Government has changed certain industries related regulation in Parliament, it is an example of:


60. IFSC stands for:


61. Solvency ratio is usually __________ in the case of young couples as compared to senior citizens


62. SHG stands for:


63. During “Financial Independence” life stage, typical asset allocation should be


64. Where one can open an account under the Public Provident Fund Scheme, 1968?


65. Mutual funds in India are required by SEBI to


66. A public trust is created for the benefit of


67. NSSO stands for ____________


68. Which of the following options is not true about CODICIL?


69. In a life insurance contract, offer refers to


70. Under the Provisions of Transfer, of Property Act, the unborn child acquires vested interest-


71. During “Early accumulation” life stage, typical asset allocation should be


72. What is burn Arbun?


73. If any expenditure is incurred by an Indian company wholly and exclusively for the purpose of amalgamation or demerger, the said expenditure is


74. Doubling period is equal to


75. Bond price is inversely related to yields


76. The subscription paid into PPF account enjoys the tax benefit under


77. _______________ and _______________ mandates are two kinds of service level contracts


78. ______ serves as a bank for central banks


79. If everyone is forced to pay an extra Rs 1000 in taxes each year, "the" multiplier


80. Which of the following is controlled under monetary policy?


81. ……………………is a gift in the form of a single transfer to the same person of several things of which one is and the others are not burdened by an obligation, the done can take nothing by the gift unless he accepts if fully.


82. What is a contract?


83. A trust is extinguished if


84. Transfer of shares in the partnership firm is


85. A return relative is


86. Where the return of income is filed after the due date specified u/s 139(1):


87. Which school is prevalent all over India


88. Document required to open a bank account is/are


89. Deposit insurance covers _______.


90. Modern “Asset Allocation” is based upon the model developed by Harry Markowitz.

Which of the following statement is/are correctly identified with this Model?


91. In PPF the term/duration of the account is 15 years from :


92. In case of monthly premium payments, days of grace are


93. A measure of the riskiness of an asset held in isolation is _____________.


94. A bond, issued in a foreign country, is denominated in a currency other than the currency of the country in which it is issued is called:


95. PTA stands for


96. Which of the following determines the exchange rate?


97. According to the dividend-growth model, the valuation of common stock depends on


98. Which of the following statement is true?


99. Which of the following is not true?


100. In …………………without delivery possession of the mortgaged property, there mortgager binds himself personally to pay the mortgage money


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