CheckPoint CCSA R80 156-215.80 Free Practice Questions

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CheckPoint CCSA R80 156-215.80 Free Practice Questions Online

1. Which of the following is NOT an integral part of VPN communication within a network?


2. Vanessa is firewall administrator in her company; her company is using Check Point firewalls on central and remote locations, which are managed centrally by R80 Security Management Server. One central location has an installed R77.30 Gateway on Open server. Remote location is using Check Point UTM-1 570 series appliance with R71. Which encryption is used in Secure Internal Communication (SIC) between central management and firewall on each location?


3. Which of the following is NOT a SecureXL traffic flow?


4. Which of the following Automatically Generated Rules NAT rules have the lowest implementation priority?



5. Fill in the blanks: VPN gateways authenticate using ___________ and ___________ .



6. In R80 spoofing is defined as a method of:


7. Fill in the blank: The __________ is used to obtain identification and security information about network users.


8. Which Check Point feature enables application scanning and the detection?


9. DLP and Geo Policy are examples of what type of Policy?



10. In which deployment is the security management server and Security Gateway installed on the same appliance?


11. Fill in the blank: A _________ VPN deployment is used to provide remote users with secure access to internal corporate resources by authenticating the user through an internet browser.


12. Which of the following statements is TRUE about R80 management plug-ins?


13. Fill in the blank: Gaia can be configured using the _______ or ______ .


14. Where can you trigger a failover of the cluster members?

Log in to Security Gateway CLI and run command clusterXL_admin down.

In SmartView Monitor right-click the Security Gateway member and select Cluster member stop.

Log into Security Gateway CLI and run command cphaprob down.


15. Which utility allows you to configure the DHCP service on GAIA from the command line?


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