Cisco 300-620 DCACI Exam Questions – Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

Cisco 300-620 DCACI Exam is a CCNP Data Center certification concentration exam, PassQuestion provides you the latest Cisco 300-620 DCACI Exam Questions for your test preparation, you can view online 300-620 free questions to check its quality.

The Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure v1.0 (DCACI 300-620) exam is a 90-minute exam that is associated with the CCNP Data Center Certification and Cisco Certified Specialist – Data Center ACI Implementation certifications. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of Cisco switches in ACI mode including configuration, implementation, and management.

Cisco 300-620 DCACI Exam Questions – Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

1. An ACI administrator notices a change in the behavior of the fabric.

Which action must be taken to determine if a human intervention introduced the change?


2. An engineer is creating a configuration import policy that must terminate if the imported configuration is incompatible with the existing system.

Which import mode achieves this result?


3. Which components must be configured for the BGP Route Reflector policy to take effect?


4. Which type of policy configures the suppression of faults that are generated from a port being down?


5. Which type of profile needs to be created to deploy an access port policy group?


6. A situation causes a fault to be raised on the APIC. The ACI administrator does not want that fault to be raised because it is not directly relevant to the environment.

Which action should the administrator take to prevent the fault from appearing?


7. A RADIUS user resolves its role via the Cisco AV Pair.

What object does the Cisco AV Pair resolve to?


8. Which feature dynamically assigns or modifies the EPG association of virtual machines based on their attributes?


9. Which feature allows firewall ACLs to be configured automatically when new endpoints are attached to an EPG?


10. An engineer is implementing Cisco ACI at a large platform-as-a-service provider using APIC controllers, 9396PX leaf switches, and 9336PQ spine switches. The leaf switch ports are configured as IEEE 802.1p ports.

Where does the traffic exit from the EPG in IEEE 802.1p mode in this configuration?


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