Cisco 500-452 Practice Exam Questions – Enterprise Networks Core and WAN Exam

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Cisco 500-452 Practice Exam Questions To Test Online

1. What are the three architectural building blocks of the enterprise WAN? (Choose three.)


2. What is one example of a typical enterprise WAN deployment model?


3. DMVPN builds tunnels in which two ways? (Choose two.)


4. Which option is suited only for private IP network infrastructures?


5. Which option does FlexVPN leverage?


6. What is the logical encapsulation of an IP packet when attempting to hide its contents?


7. Which tunneling technology is used in the Cisco IWAN solution?


8. Which routing protocol is typically used to peer with an MPLS provider?


9. Which set of actions is an element of QoS?


10. Which process sorts traffic and can expedite or drop traffic according to a defined policy?


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