Cisco 500-710 VII dumps – Video Infrastructure Implementation

Are you looking for ways on how to prepare for your 500-710 exam in a short time? In fact, there isn’t any short cut in preparing for an exam. This is why you need to study effectively in the beginning. 500-710 preparations will vary pertaining to various kinds of examinations. You can check the Cisco 500-710 VII dumps which collected from Passquestion 500-710 full version, it can help you pass your 500-710 Video Infrastructure Implementation exam easily.

Test online for Cisco 500-710 VII dumps – Video Infrastructure Implementation

1. Which Iwo administrative functions can a Cisco Spark Partner reseller perform from the Osco Spark Management portal? (Choose two.)


2. Which two ports are used for SIP communications between an endpoint and the SIP server? (Choose two.)


3. Which statement about Microsoft Skype for Business interoperability with Cisco Meeting Server is true?


4. An engineer wants to only allow the registration of endpoints with aliases containing asthe domain. Which option accomplishes this task?


5. Which statement about the deployment of Cisco Conductor with Cisco Telepresence Server for Rendezvous Conferences is true?


6. Where in the TMS application does an engineer enter system license keys?


7. Integrated Development Environment helps you to develop, test, and build an application. Which option is an IDE tool that can be used with Cisco Spark?


8. Which option is a possible source for TMS phone books?


9. Which primary purpose of the traversal subzone is true?


10. Which two options are call-control devices in a Cisco Collaboration environment? (Choose two)


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