COBIT 5 Foundation Exam Questions

COBIT 5 is aimed at organisations of all sizes and all sectors. It is ideal for professionals involved in assurance, security, risk, privacy/compliance and business leaders and stakeholders involved in or affected by governance and management of information and IT systems. PassQuestion provides the latest COBIT 5 Foundation Exam Questions which are related to the actual exam. If you choose PassQuestion COBIT 5 Foundation Exam Questions as your practice exam, you may feel that you are in the real exam.

COBIT 5 Foundation Exam Questions

1. Which principle is key for the governance and management of enterprise IT?


2. What percentage represents F – full achievement of an attribute in an assessed process, as defined by the COBIT 5 assessment approach?


3. Identify the missing word in the following sentence.

The definition of (?) is a collection of practices influenced by the enterprise’s policies and procedures that takes input from a number of sources, manipulates the inputs and produces outputs.


4. Which factor may indicate a need for the improved governance of enterprise IT?


5. Which statement describes the difference between specific and generic work products?


6. Which process domain is the MOST suitable for skills such as Project management and Capacity management?


7. Identify the missing word in the following sentence.

Governance is about [?] and deciding amongst different stakeholders” value interests.


8. At what level are Inputs and Outputs defined?


9. Which practice would NOT help to encourage desired behavior in an enterprise?


10. Which item describes a key component of a Governance System?


11. Which mechanism is NOT considered to be a good practice of Organizational Structures?


12. Which is NOT a purpose of the Process Reference Model?


13. What information layer contains the attribute that includes the rules for using artificial languages?


14. What enabler describes the key decision-making entities in an organization?


15. Which is a requirement of the Framework element, within the principles, policies and framework model?


16. Which information should a business case include?


17. In what order would the following outputs of the COBIT 5 Goals cascade mechanism be produced?

  1. Enterprise Goals
  2. Stakeholder needs 3 Enabler Goals
  3. IT-related Goals

18. Who is an internal stakeholder?


19. Which aspect relates to the COBIT 5 principle ‘Meeting Stakeholder Needs?


20. What is the name of the Change Enablement life cycle Phase which supports Phase 4.

What needs to be done?


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