Copado Developer Certification Exam Questions (84 Q&As)

Copado Developer Certification is designed for users who have a good knowledge of Copado and want to lear about more advanced features and how to automate their processes. PassQuestion new released Copado Developer Certification Exam Questions to help you best prepare for your test, it can ensure you pass your Copado Developer exam successfully.

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1. Dave has been asked to delete a custom object that has been deployed only to UAT. He has committed the object using the Destructive Changes Git operation. While reviewing the commits, he finds out that the commit has the status No changes.

What could be the reason for this?


2. Dave would like to change the base branch on a user story from master to uat, but he can’t see the Advanced button.

As a Copado admin, what is the best way to fix this?


3. Even though Dave has defined NoTestRun in the Promotion Test Level field on his user story, the

deployment to production is running local tests.

What could be the reason for this?


4. You have a PMD static code analysis rule with priority 2. If this rule is violated once, what

will be the violation score?


5. What happens with a component that is added to the .gitignore file and is later committed on a user



6. What is the command sfdx copado:auth:set -a [myOrgAlias] used for?


7. Rob would like to run Apex tests for all Apex metadata coming into the UAT environment and a compliance check for profiles and permission sets coming into the same environment.

How can he accomplish this?


8. In a sandbox, you have made some changes in the System Admin profile. When you try to deploy the profile, you are getting the error "Unknown User Permission: ManageSandboxes."

What can you do in

order to move your changes forward? Select all that apply!


9. Debbie committed some changes to the Opportunity Layout but, after deploying her changes from DEV to INT, she found her changes were not there due to an auto-resolved Git conflict she was not aware of.

How can she prevent this from happening again in all future promotions?


10. Debbie is deploying a user story with Apex components from UAT to production. The promotion test level on the user story is set to RunSpecifiedTests.

What test level is going to be enforced in the deployment to production?


11. Debbie is deploying a user story with Apex components from UAT to production. The promotion test level on the user story is set to NoTestRun.

What test level is going to be enforced in the deployment to production?


12. You are using the auto-resolve conflict resolution feature, Copado will stop the merge of the feature branch into the promotion branch if it detects a conflict.


13. After deleting the component in Dev1, Dave has accidentally refreshed the metadata index.

What can he do now in order to perform a destructive changes commit of the component? Select all that apply!


14. Debbie has created a new custom field in Dev1. She commits it on a user story together with the permission set to deploy FLS. After committing the changes, she realizes she forgot to grant the permission set access to the field in Dev1, so she goes back to Dev1 and updates the FLS.

What is the easiest way to ensure the FLS is deployed to the next environment together with the field?


15. Dave has set up the following connection behavior in INT:

He has created a new profile in dev1 and is going to commit it on a user story.

What will happen after he clicks on Submit Changes?


16. What happens when you use the Recommit Files Git operation and select the Re-Create Feature Branch checkbox? Select all that apply!

You have reached the max number of allowed answers


17. You want to give an existing PMD rule the lowest priority.

How can you do this?


18. To which of the following components does Copado apply the resolution strategy "branch A wins over branch B"? Select all that apply!


19. The development team is complaining that when they try to select a metadata source in the scratch org wizard, they can only see Branches. Developers should be able to select any metadata source.

How you can fix this?


20. Which is TRUE about Static Code Analysis using CodeScan?


21. After pushing changes using the Copado CLI, you notice that the feature branch is being merged to a

different environment branch in your remote repository.

What could be the reason behind this?


22. After deleting a component in Dev1, Debbie has created a new user story to delete the component from the repository and upper environments. She has refreshed the metadata index before selecting the component.

What can she do now in order to perform a destructive change commit of the component?


23. Your company has multiple developers working in separate environments and sometimes your Apex

classes get overwritten.

What can you do to prevent this?


24. While working in Dev1 Debbie has committed a new custom field “Amount” and a validation rule “Mandatory Amount” in the same user story. Later, during the sprint, the business analyst decided that the validation rule should not be included in this sprint but rather moved to the next sprint.

Nonetheless, the custom field must remain and be delivered in the current sprint.

How can Debbie accomplish this?


25. When working with data templates, how can you avoid getting validation rule errors when

deploying your templates to the next environment?


26. You would like to receive an alert whenever the static code analysis score of a user story is above 15.

How you can achieve this?


27. As part of post scratch org creation, you would like to run a script to schedule a class in the scratch org.

How you can accomplish this?


28. What test level is applied to the deployment when you check the Promote & Deploy checkbox?


29. The Staging Environment record has the Run all local tests checkbox enabled. A user story with Apex components and the promotion test level set to RunSpecifiedTests is being promoted and deployed.

What test level is going to be enforced?


30. Your company has had many issues with governor limits in the past, so you have been requested to give the highest relevance to the PMD rule Avoid making DML operations in Apex Class.

How can you do this?


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