CPIM-BSP Practice Test Questions – CPIM – Basics of Supply Chain Management Total

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CPIM-BSP Practice Test Questions – CPIM – Basics of Supply Chain Management Total

1. The overall objective of an integrated supply chain can best be described as the achievement of:


2. A company’s cost of goods sold would be found on which of the following financial documents?


3. In an assemble-to-order production environment, the master production schedule contains:


4. Which of the following manufacturing systems involves the creation of one unit or a small number of units?


5. After a quality improvement program has been successfully implemented, the greatest cost of controlling quality typically is the cost of:


6. In the income statement, the cost of goods sold is related to the:


7. Manufacturing overhead includes which of the following types of costs?


8. Which of the following concepts could a firm implement to reduce defects?


9. Inventory turns is an appropriate performance measure for which of the following functions?


10. The primary purpose of enterprise resources planning is to:


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