CPSA-F Free Questions – Certified Professional for Software Architecture, Foundation Level V8.02

The iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture programme (CPSA®) provides software architects with a standardised scheme for initial and further training that is globally recognised. To prepare for your iSAQB CPSA certification, you need to complete three levels:

  • Foundation Level
  • Advanced Level
  • Expert Level

CPSA_F Certified Professional for Software Architecture, Foundation Level is the first level of the iSAQB® CPSA® program. To ensure that you can complete CPSA Foundation Level CPSA-F exam, we newly released CPSA-F exam questions and answers online. Here, you can share CPSA-F free questions first.

CPSA-F Free Questions – Certified Professional for Software Architecture, Foundation Level V8.02

1. Which of the following statements regarding iterative and incremental design are correct? Please name the three statements that fit the best. (Choose three.)


2. For which quality characteristics is the software architect responsible?
Please name the two characteristics that best match the role of the software architect. (Choose two.)


3. Which four of the following items can be building blocks of a software architecture? (Choose four.)


4. In a customer project the architecture shall be based on components. The requirements have not been fully determined yet.
Taking this constraint into account, which three properties of the components developed by you will you pay particular attention to? (Choose three.)


5. Which two of the following requirements are examples of quality requirements? (Choose two.)


6. Which two of the following statements about quality characteristics are most accurate? (Choose two.)


7. What role does understandability play for architecture documentation? (Choose three.)


8. Name the three most important fields of template-based architecture documentation. (Choose three.)


9. Which of the following techniques are best suited to illustrate the interaction of runtime building blocks? Select the four most suitable techniques.


10. What are the four key terms in common definitions of software architecture? (Choose four.)


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