CWAP-403 Practice Test Questions – Certified Wireless Analysis Professional

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CWAP-403 Practice Test Questions – Certified Wireless Analysis Professional

1. Which one of the following should be the first step when troubleshooting a WLAN issue?


2. Which one of the best following is an advantage of using display filters instead of capture-time filters?


3. Given a protocol analyzer can decrypt WPA2-PSK data packets providing the PSK and SSID are configured in the analyzer software.

When performing packet capture (in a non-FT environment) which frames are required in order for PSK frame decryption to be possible?


4. When configuring a long term, forensic packet capture and saving all packets to disk which of the following is not a consideration?


5. You are performing a multiple adapter channel aggregation capture to troubleshoot a VoIP roaming problem and would like to measure the roaming time from the last VoIP packet sent on the old AP’s channel to the first VoIP packet sent on the new AP’s channel. Which timing column in the packet view would measure this for you?


6. Which one of the these is the most important in the WLAN troubleshooting methodology among those listed?


7. The network administrator at ABC Engineering has taken a large packet capture from one of their APs running in monitor mode. She has very little knowledge of 802.11 protocols but would like to use the capture file to evaluate the overall health and performance of their wireless network. When she asks your advice, which tool do you recommend she opens the packet capture file with?


8. 802.11k Neighbor Requests and Neighbor Reports are sent in what type of Management Frames?


9. Which one of the following is required for Wi-Fi integration in laptop-based Spectrum Analyzer software?


10. You’re the WLAN administrator for a large retailer based at the HQ in New York. The London-based office has been complaining about WLAN disconnections around lunch time each day. You suspect this might be interference from the staff microwave, how might you test your theory from the New York office?


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