CWSP-206 Free Questions – Certified Wireless Security Professional V8.02

Last week, one of our customers pass his CWNA-107 for completing the CWNA credential. Yesterday, he wrote to us to want to get valid CWSP exam questions to go ahead for CWSP certification. It must be clear that CWSP-206 exam has repleaced CWSP-205 exam in September of 2019. New CWSP-206 exam questions are available today for performing WLAN security audits and implement compliance monitoring solutions. CWSP-206 exam questions and answers are verified by our CWNP experts. Choosing CWSP-206 exam questions means you will get success in CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional certification exam.

CWSP-206 Free Questions – Certified Wireless Security Professional V8.02

1. You manage a wireless network that services 200 wireless users. Your facility requires 20 access points, and you have installed an IEEE 802.11-compliant implementation of 802.1X/LEAP with AES-CCMP as an authentication and encryption solution.
In this configuration, the wireless network is initially susceptible to what type of attack?


2. The Aircrack-ng WLAN software tool can capture and transmit modified 802.11 frames over the wireless network. It comes pre-installed on Kali Linux and some other Linux distributions.
Which one of the following would not be a suitable penetration testing action taken with this tool?


3. In XYZ’s small business, two autonomous 802.11ac APs and 12 client devices are in use with WPA2¬Personal.
What statement about the WLAN security of this company is true?


4. During 802.1X/LEAP authentication, the username is passed across the wireless medium in clear text.
From a security perspective, why is this significant?


5. Many computer users connect to the Internet at airports, which often have 802.11n access points with a captive portal for authentication.
While using an airport hotspot with this security solution, to what type of wireless attack is a user susceptible?


6. What software and hardware tools are used in the process performed to hijack a wireless station from the authorized wireless network onto an unauthorized wireless network?


7. ABC Corporation is evaluating the security solution for their existing WLAN. Two of their supported solutions include a PPTP VPN and 802.1X/LEAP. They have used PPTP VPNs because of their wide support in server and desktop operating systems. While both PPTP and LEAP adhere to the minimum requirements of the corporate security policy, some individuals have raised concerns about MS-CHAPv2 (and similar) authentication and the known fact that MS-CHAPv2 has proven vulnerable in improper implementations.
As a consultant, what do you tell ABC Corporation about implementing MS-CHAPv2 authentication?


8. What WLAN client device behavior is exploited by an attacker during a hijacking attack?


9. In order to acquire credentials of a valid user on a public hotspot network, what attacks may be conducted? Choose the single completely correct answer.


10. You have a Windows laptop computer with an integrated, dual-band, Wi-Fi compliant adapter. Your laptop computer has protocol analyzer software installed that is capable of capturing and decoding 802.11ac data.
What statement best describes the likely ability to capture 802.11ac frames for security testing purposes?


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