CyberArk CDE Recertification CAU305 Exam Questions

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CyberArk CDE Recertification CAU305 Exam Questions

1. Which type of automatic remediation can be performed by the PTA in case of a suspected credential theft security event?


2. dbparm.ini is the main configuration file for the Vault.


3. When working with the CyberArk High Availability Cluster, which services are running on the passive node?


4. When a DR Vault Server becomes an active vault, it will automatically revert back to DR mode once the Primary Vault comes back online.


5. Which onboarding method is used to integrate CyberArk with the accounts provisioning process?


6. Which file is used to open up a non-standard firewall port to the Vault?


7. When using multiple Central Policy Managers (CPM), which one of the following Safes is shared by all CPMs?


8. What are the functions of the Remote Control Agent service? (Choose three.)


9. In a Distributed Vaults environment, which of the following components will NOT be communicating with the Satellite Vaults?


10. When managing SSH keys, the Central Policy Manager (CPM) stores the private key __________.


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