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To help candidates pass JN0-681 Data Center, Professional (JNCIP-DC) exam, PassQuestion new updated JN0-681 Exam Questions with 65 real questions and answers which cover each topic of JN0-681 Data Center, Professional (JNCIP-DC) Exam. Choosing real JN0-681 exam questions online is the necessary step to prepare for Real JN0-681 exam. It is great to read PassQuestion updated Data Center, Professional (JNCIP-DC) JN0-681 Exam Questions to clear your JNCIP-DC certification JN0-681 exam easily.

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1. Referring to the exhibit, not all routes are being exchanged by EBGP peers.

In this scenario, which BGP parameter would solve this problem?


2. You need to add perimeter security to the network shown in the exhibit. All traffic must be inspected for attacks. The edge routers are using all available ports. Your solution must maintain both port and device resiliency.

In this scenario, which design would satisfy these requirements?


3. You are designing a network for a small data center. In this scenario, which underlay protocol allows for the simplest implementation?


4. You are asked to manage the oversubscription ratio of your spine and leaf IP fabric. You determine that you are at a 3:1 ratio of downstream to upstream traffic and must achieve a 1:1 ratio.

In this scenario, which two actions would you take to achieve this goal? (Choose two.)


5. You are logged in to Leaf 1.

When examining the routing table, you notice that you have no routes from Leaf 2.

Referring to the exhibit, which two commands would you use to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose two.)


6. You are designing a Layer 3 fabric underlay using EBGP. You will implement an EVPN-signaled VXLAN overlay on the Layer 3 fabric.

In this scenario, what must you do in the underlay to ensure that the VXLAN overlay will be able to function properly?


7. You are configuring VXLAN, and you must ensure that all switches for the multicast groups advertise their existence and learn about other VTEPs.

In this scenario, which protocol will accomplish this task?


8. Which statement is true about a Data Center Interconnect over an IP network?


9. You work in a data center where VMs and hosts are frequently moved. Your design needs to eliminate inefficient traffic flows.

In this scenario, which two solutions will satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.)


10. A VXLAN adds 50 to 54 bytes of extra header information to an Ethernet frame.

In this scenario, how would you accommodate this increase?


11. A client with five data centers spread around the country uses MPLS L2VPNs to provide point-to-point data center Interconnects between each data center in a full-mesh network. The client is considering an MPLS EVPN implementation.

In this scenario, what are three advantages of using MPLS EVPN interconnects? (Choose three.)


12. You host a multitenant data center that runs VMware. You must perform deep packet inspection on all inter-tenant traffic that is flowing between the VMs within the same hypervisor. Your solution must provide the security services without needing to leave the physical device.

In this scenario, what should you do to solve this problem?


13. You are configuring an EVPN overlay network. You want to ensure that leaf devices can respond to ARP requests from locally connected hosts, when the leaf device knows the MAC of the intended destination.

In this scenario, what should you configure on the leaf devices to accomplish this task?


14. Which two statements describe MAC address learning for VPLS and EVPN? (Choose two.)


15. A company wants to expand their hosting business and is seeking solutions to support multiple tenants. Each tenant should be able to configure their own logical interfaces. Also, based on customer needs, all routing features must be supported.

What will satisfy the customer’s requirements?


16. After configuring an IP fabric using EBGP as your routing protocol, you notice that not all of the routes are showing up in the routing tables. You have verified that all adjacencies have formed, and that all policies are in place and configured properly.

In this scenario, which statement is true?


17. Referring to the exhibit, DC1 and DC2 have a DCI across a service provider WAN connection. Host1 in DC1 must have Layer 2 connectivity to host2 in DC2. A VXLAN tunnel must be created between VTEP1 and VTEP2.

In this scenario, which statement is true?


18. You are designing an EBGP IP fabric for a multi-site data center. In this scenario, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)


19. An EVPN-signaled VXLAN overlay has been deployed in the network shown in the exhibit. Host1 is a bare metal server, and is dual-homed to the network. The IP addresses and are assigned to the same physical NIC, and no virtualization is configured on the server.

In this scenario, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)


20. You are implementing perimeter security for your data center. You need to inspect all traffic at Layer 7 and ensure the failure of a port or device will not result in an interruption to traffic flows.

In this scenario, which design would satisfy these requirements?


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