DCA Practice Test Questions – Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Exam

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DCA Practice Test Questions -Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Exam

1. Which of the following commands wifi automatically create a volume when a container is started?


2. Which one of the following commands will show a list of volumes for a specific container?


3. Which of the following constitutes a production-ready devicemapper configuration for the Docker engine?


4. Which one of the following commands will result in the volume being removed automatically once the container has exited?


5. A container named “analytics” that stores results in a volume called “data” was created.

docker run -d –name=analytics -v data:/data app1

How are the results accessed in “data” with another container called “app2”?


6. A server is running low on disk space.

What command can be used to check the disk usage of images, containers, and volumes for Docker engine?


7. Which of the following are types of namespaces used by Docker to provide isolation? (Choose 2.)


8. Which of the following namespaces is disabled by default and must be enabled at Docker engine runtime in order to be used?


9. Which of the following statements is true about secrets?


10. Following the principle of least privilege, which of the following methods can be used to securely grnt access to the specific user to communicate to a Docker engine? (Choose two.)


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