DCP-305C Free Test Online – Lenovo Data Center Technical Sales

Are you worried about how to pass the terrible Lenovo DCP-305C exam? Do not worry, With Passquestion DELL EMC DCP-305C exam questions in hand, any IT certification exam will become very easy. Passquestion DELL EMC DCP-305C exam questions is a pioneer in the Lenovo DCP-305C exam certification preparation. You can practice online in the following DCP-305C free test questions to know the exam questions pattern.

DCP-305C Free Test Online – Lenovo Data Center Technical Sales

1. Your customer needs a blade server.

Which two ThinkSystem products will meet their need? (Choose two)


2. The XCIarity Controller provides remote server management through industry-standard protocols and interfaces.

Which two options are supported with XCIarity Controller? (Choose two)


3. Your customer is going to deploy a Flex System with 14 compute nodes in a very dusty environment where temperatures up to 45 °C (113 °F) are common.

Which solution is required for this deployment?


4. Your customer requires a cost-effective 4-socket, 2U rack system for a transactional database, OLTP, and ERP/CRM workloads.

Which product will meet this requirement?


5. Your customer has implemented a new Disaster Recovery solution utilizing 14 SR630 nodes with redundant cabling and a single DS6200 SAN with an iSCSI protocol. They want to use cost-effective CAT6A cables for connection from the servers, while using DAC cables to connect to the SAN.

Which switches should be recommended?


6. The system administrator of a large Lenovo client needs to debug an off-site server which displays an error message.

Which feature is required to access the server’s display?


7. Which operating system comes standard with the NE1032 network switch?


8. Which platform has been leveraged by the Lenovo and RedHat partnership to promote best practices and validate reference architecture for deploying private cloud infrastructures?


9. Your customer is looking for the lowest cost 2-socket rack server which has 16x 2.5″ HDDs capability.

Which server will meet the customer requirement?


10. Your customer is planning to migrate their SAP business to SAP HANA. Although Lenovo offers pre-defined appliances for this purpose, the customer is planning for tailored data center integration (TDI) path where they only need a certified server.

Which server is certified for SAP HANA?


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