DEE-1421 Free Questions – Expert – Isilon Solutions Exam

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DEE-1421 Free Questions – Expert – Isilon Solutions Exam

1. An administrator is investigating the performance of one of their Dell EMC Isilon clusters. Using the isi statistics drive command, the performance of the first five drives is shown.

Based on the exhibit, what represents the status of the drives?


2. An IT team is preparing to replicate a dataset from their existing primary Dell EMC Isilon cluster to a secondary cluster. Both clusters are licensed for SmartLock Enterprise and SyncIQ is used for replication. The source directory is a SmartLock directory and the target directory must be a SmartLock directory.

When consulting with the IT team, what is a key consideration before running the replication policy?


3. A company has three Dell EMC Isilon X2000 nodes and needs to configure two subnets on the cluster. The production subnet will only use a 10 GigE-1 port from each node. The second subnet will use both ext-1 and ext-2 ports on each node. The company will access each subnet with its SmartConnect zone name.

Given that the second subnet is isolated with no route to the DNS server, how many IP addresses are needed for each subnet to accommodate the requirements?


4. What enables CloudPools to achieve a recall of data from the cloud?


5. SyncIQ policies are being configured between two Dell EMC Isilon clusters at a company’s location. In addition, the company wants the ability to perform a failover at an Access zone level.

Which actions should be performed to meet the requirement?


6. A company uses the Dell EMC Isilon cluster’s A200 nodes for short-team archiving of digitized film. Historical and trending information shows that the cluster capacity will reach 90% full in 60 days. To avoid the need to purchase additional A200 nodes, the company requires a solution that archives data not accessed for 18 months to a more cost-effective platform. The long-term archive data must be online and accessible. Some performance loss is acceptable.

Which IT strategy provides a long-term solution that meets the requirements?


7. A company uses a Dell EMC Isilon cluster to store greater than one billion files. The company often restores files from NDMP backups.
Which backup technology is recommended for the environment?


8. A company is planning to replicate a dataset to a newly implemented Dell EMC Isilon cluster. SyncIQ will be used from the source cluster to the target cluster. The company’s systems administrator wants to know how long the initial synchronization will take without seeding.

The administrator provides the following information:

– Link speed between clusters is 1 Gb/s

– Link speed efficiency is 85%

– SyncIQ domain size is 125TB

If no SyncIQ performance rules are set, what is the estimated number of days?


9. A company has a medical application that generates a large number of media files. The file count is well over one billion and is stored on a Dell EMC Isilon 8-node NL410 cluster. Currently, each node is connected to the network using two 10GbE connections. The Linux-based application does not require high bandwidth; however, it is latency sensitive. Additionally, the Linux hosts are connected to the cluster over NFSv3. The application generates approximately 10,000 files every 10 minutes.

For the past four years, the cluster has been growing at a rate of one additional node per year. The company is running out of free ports on their redundant network switches. They want to know what can be done to ensure continuous availability. They do not want to invest in upgrading the network infrastructure. In addition, the company needs to reduce the number of consumed interface ports on the switches.

Which recommendation should be provided?


10. An IT team is implemented a disaster recovery solution. A Dell EMC Isilon cluster will replicate production data from the existing primary cluster to a planned secondary cluster. The primary cluster is licensed for SmartLock Enterprise. A SmartLock enterprise type directory on the primary cluster is planned for SyncIQ replication to the secondary cluster.

When consulting with the IT team.

What is a key consideration when replacing the data in a SyncIQ source directory configured with SmartLock Enterprise mode?


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