DEE-1721 Free Dumps – Expert – Implementation Engineer, SC Series Exam

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DEE-1721 Free Dumps – Expert – Implementation Engineer, SC Series Exam

1. Several servers connected to the Storage Center through FC fabrics using WWN zoning. You recently replaced a server’s FC HBA; however, the server no longer connects to the Storage Center.

What is causing this issue?


2. A storage administrator has multiple servers connected to the Storage Center through two iSCSI networks. You use a software iSCSI Initiator on the servers and the Storage Center runs in Virtual Port Mode.

Which IP address is required in the iSCSI Initiator for proper connectivity?


3. Which processes should be used when testing controller failover on a newly installed Storage Center?


4. You added an existing Storage Center to an instance of Dell Storage Manager using the Volume Manger user. You are able to map volumes in the 10K folder to the servers but not the volumes in the SSD folder.

What is the reason for this issue?


5. After configuring a new SC4020, you receive an alert that all disks are only seen on one path. What are the reasons for the alert?


6. You are performing failover testing on an FC-attached dual controller SC8000 storage array. You notice that the storage administrator’s Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 servers experience I/O errors. However, the RHEL and ESX servers are not experiencing any problems. All FC HBA time outs are configured based on Dell EMC best practices.

In addition, the Windows servers that are experiencing issues have had no OS-level configuration changes related to SAN storage. All servers use the same FC fabric. What is causing the connectivity loss during failover?


7. A storage administrator wants to perform an SCOS update to SCOS version 6.7.5. The SC Series is currently at SCOS version 6.5.30. The SC Series storage array is located at a secure facility and does not allow connectivity to any network outside the facility.

The Administrator is attempting to use the Storage Center Update Utility to accomplish this task but has been unsuccessful. What is the reason for this Issue?


8. A site has multiple storage administrators. Some administrators need to be limited to manage only specific volumes. The administrator should be able to create and present volumes within the administrator’s area. Those administrators should NOT be able to see any other volumes created in the Storage Center.

How should the deployment engineer accomplish tins task?


9. A company has a four-node Microsoft Windows cluster that runs Microsoft SQL Server databases. Each server boots from its own Boot from SAN volume on the Storage Center. All servers need access to the database volumes. In addition, a server cluster objects has been created with the four servers assigned to it in Dell Storage Manager.

How should the volumes be mapped to these servers using the server cluster?


10. A company has multiple Storage Centers at their primary site and a disaster recovery system at their remote site. Because there company has an important volume that request high availability protection, an outage on one system at the primary location must not cause data to be inaccessible. In addition, disaster recovery protection is required to protect data even if the primary site goes down.

Which recommended technology meets these requirements?


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