DELL EMC PowerProtect DD Specialist DES-DD23 Free Questions

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Try DELL EMC PowerProtect DD Specialist DES-DD23 Free Questions

1. When using CIFS from a PowerProtect DD system, what should be changed on a Windows machine?


2. Which component of PowerProtect DD is Data Invulnerability Architecture a feature of?


3. A backup administrator is tasked with verifying the compression savings of a PowerProtect DD9900.

Which compression algorithm will they see enabled by default?


4. Refer to the exhibit.

To which shelf and port should SAS HBA slot 1 port B be connected?


5. An administrator recognizes poor network performance when using CIFS shares from a PowerProtect DD system. The network link utilization is under 100%.

What is the most likely cause of this issue?


6. The finance department requires PDFs older than 90 days to be archived through Cloud Tier into Azure Blob Storage. They want any PDFs older than 180 days archived into AWS S3.

Which data movement policy is used to archive files into Azure Blob Storage?



A PowerProtect DD appliance has been installed at a company’s location for several months and has reached a steady state.

As a best practice, at what percentage of disk utilization should action be taken?


8. A backup administrator has enabled the Retention Lock feature on their PowerProtect DD appliance. Over time, the administrator noticed an increase in file system utilization. Upon further investigation, the administrator discovered expired files are still present on the appliance.

What is the most likely reason for this issue?


9. An administrator has retained snapshots for a single MTree and is trying to create a new one. An error message is received.

What is the reason for the failure?


10. Which are supported compression algorithms in DDOS?


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