Deploy and Manage Citrix ADC with Traffic Management 1Y0-241 Exam Questions

Passing 1Y0-241 exam means a candidate demonstrated the minimum requisite knowledge and skills required of Citrix networking professionals who can install, configure and/or operate Citrix ADC 13 in enterprise environments. PassQuestion provides detailed Deploy and Manage Citrix ADC with Traffic Management 1Y0-241 Exam Questions that will help you prepare for the real exam. If you are using 1Y0-241 pdf questions, then you will be able to clear your Citrix 1Y0-241 exam easily.

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1. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator downloaded and deployed Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) in an environment consisting of six Citrix ADCs and 100 virtual servers. When viewing the Citrix ADM console, the administrator sees only 30 virtual servers.

Why is the administrator unable to see all 100 virtual servers?


2. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to configure persistence on a global server load balancing (GSLB) vServer to which a service is bound. Service must continue to handle requests from the client even after it is disabled manually C accepting new requests or connections only to honor persistence. After a configured period of time, no new requests or connections are directed to the service and all existing connections are closed.

To achieve these requirements, which parameter can the administrator configure while disabling the service?


3. Scenario: After deploying a Citrix ADC in production, a Citrix Administrator notices that client requests are NOT being evenly distributed among backend resources. The administrator wants to change from the default loadbalancing method to one that will help distribute the load more evenly.

Which load-balancing method would ensure that the server with the least amount of network utilization is receiving new connections?


4. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configured SNMP to send traps to an external SNMP system. When reviewing the messages, the administrator notices several entity UP and entity DOWN messages.

To what are these messages related?


5. Scenario: A company has three departments with proprietary applications that need to be load balanced on a Citrix ADC. The three department managers would like to use the same IP address to access their individual applications. This would mean configuring three load-balanced vServers, all using the same IP address.

What can the Citrix Administrator configure for this scenario?


6. A Citrix Administrator receives user complaints about latency while accessing an application that is load balanced on the Citrix ADC.

Which tool can the administrator use to gather information regarding response time, client network latency, and server-side processing time?


7. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator manages an environment that has three SSL websites, all serving the same content.

The administrator would like to consolidate the websites into a single, load-balanced SSL vServer.

What can the administrator bind to use a single SSL vServer?


8. A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a rate-limiting policy setting DNS requests to a threshold of 1,000 per second.

Which command does the administrator need to run to correctly configure this policy?


9. Scenario: While attempting to access web server that is load balanced by a Citrix ADC using HTTPS, a user receives the message below.

SSL/TLS error: You have not chosen to trust “Certificate Authority” the issuer of the server’s security certificate.

What can a Citrix Administrator do to prevent users from viewing this message?


10. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator made changes to a Citrix ADC, deleting parts of the configuration and saving some new ones. The changes caused an outage that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. There is no Citrix ADC backup.

What does the administrator need to do to recover the configuration quickly?


11. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a Responder policy, so that the string “/mytraining” is added to every URL path received.

The administrator should use these commands to accomplish this:

>add responder action Redirect_Act redirect “HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH_AND_QUERY+”mytraining”” C

responseStatusCode 302

>add responder policy Redirect_Pol___________Redirect_Act

>bind lb vServer lb_vsrv_www CpolicyName Redirect_Pol Cpriority 100 CgotoPriorityExpression END C


(Choose the correct option to complete the set of commands.)


12. Scenario:


add rewrite action ACT_1 corrupt_http_header Accept-Encoding

add rewrite policy POL_1 HTTPS.REQ.IS_VALID ACT_1


add rewrite action ACT_2 insert_http_header Accept-Encoding “”identity””

add rewrite policy POL_2 “HTTP.REQ.IS_VALID “ ACT_2

How can a Citrix Administrator successfully bind the above rewrite policies to the load-balancing vServer

lb_vsrv so that POL_2 is evaluated after POL_2 is evaluated?


13. Scenario: A load-balancing vServer is configured to utilize the least bandwidth load-balancing method. A service attached to this vServer is brought into the effective state during production hours.

During the startup of a vServer, which load-balancing method is used by default?


14. To protect an environment against Hash DoS attacks, which two configurations can a Citrix Administrator use to block all post requests that are larger than 10,000 bytes? (Choose two.)


15. What is the effect of the “set cs vServer-CS-1 CredirectURL” command?


16. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator would like to grant access to a Junior Citrix Administrator on the Citrix ADC.

The administrator would like to grant full access to everything except the following:

Shell User configuration

Partition configuration

Which preexisting command policy would meet the needs of this scenario?


17. A Citrix Administrator needs to protect the HTTP backend server type without actually removing the header.

Which rewrite action type can the administrator apply to the Citrix ADC configuration to accomplish this?


18. Scenario: The Citrix Administrator of a Linux environment needs to load balance the web servers. Due to budget constraints, the administrator is NOT able to implement a full-scale solution.

What can the administrator purchase and install to load balance the webservers?


19. Scenario: The primary content switching vServer has gone down. To troubleshoot, a Citrix Administrator has issued the following command:

> show csvserver CSV


State: UP

Last state change was at Mon Jun 29 15:20:43 2020

Time since last state change: 1 day, 06:47:58 610

Client Idle Timeout: 180 sec

Down state flush: ENABLED

Disable Primary vServer On Down: DISABLED

Appflow logging: ENABLED

Port Rewrite: DISABLED

State Update: DISABLED

Default: Content Precedence: URL

vServer IP and Port insertion: OFF

Persistence: NONE redirect:

Backup: vServerCLBC2

Listen Policy: NONE

IcmpResponse: PASSIVE


Traffic Domain: 0

Based on this output, where will the subsequent request be redirected?


20. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to improve website loading speed. End users are reporting slow GIF image rendering speeds as they scroll down a website, which affects overall page load time.

Which Citrix ADC feature can the administrator enable to improve website performance?


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