DES-1423 Free Questions – Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Isilon Solutions Exam V8.02

DES-1423 exam is a specialist level for Implementation Engineer, Isilon Solutions certification. Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Isilon Solutions Version 3.0 certification tests a student who can install, implement, manage and administer an Isilon scale-out storage solution in a live datacenter environment. New DES-1423 exam questions were released recently, which contains 68 practice questions and answers to ensure that you can pass Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Isilon Solutions Exam in the first try. Do not waste your valuable time on DES-1423 exam now, just choose new DES-1423 exam questions online at once.

DES-1423 Free Questions – Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Isilon Solutions Exam V8.02

1. When reviewing the actual protection output of N+4/2, what does the number “4” represent?


2. What impact can obsolete drive firmware have on an Isilon cluster?


3. What defines FEC link aggregation mode?


4. In Isilon OneFS, what is a characteristic of CoW with snapshots?


5. Which OneFS networking option enables Isilon for DNS multitenant functionality?


6. A company wants to re-use HD400 nodes into a new cluster with OneFS 8.2.0.

What is the minimum number of HD400 nodes required?


7. On which node does the SSIP initially reside?


8. An Isilon cluster has four H500 nodes. Data protection and access are set to N+1 and concurrency respectively.

How many drives will be used across the disk pool to protect a 1 MB file?


9. Which command shows the node running as the job coordinator?


10. A company’s Isilon cluster has reached the capacity limit. The cluster consists of eight H500 nodes in a single node pool.

Which action can be taken to resolve the capacity issue while new nodes are being delivered?


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