[DES-1721 Free Questions] DES-1721 Specialist–Implementation Engineer, SC Series Exam

1. You are installing a new SC9000. Which procedure should be used to install and configure the system?


2. An administrator wants to configure an SC Series array to use Virtual Port Mode. What is a requirement to accomplish this task?


3. What are the possible methods to upgrade the firmware on a Brocade switch?


4. A customer is running the Dell Storage Manager (DSM) Suite as a software stack on Microsoft Windows. To reduce the Microsoft licensing costs, the customer wants to switch to the DSM Virtual Appliance.

Which recommended deployment should the customer use?


5. Which operating system runs the Dell Storage Manager (DSM) as a virtual appliance?


6. Which best practices should be followed when using iSCSI to connect SC Series arrays and hosts for switches that incorrectly negotiate speed and duplex?


7. Assume a storage administrator is using the recommended storage profile. What describes the distribution of volume data residing in an SC series storage array that has 15K and 7K as the back-end?


8. A customer is facing poor performance on all synchronously replicated volumes every Thursday between 4 PM and 6 PM. All departments have checked their applications for any batch jobs; however, nothing was found. The I/O graphs do not show any anomaly and the replication links are not saturated.

What is the possible reason for this behavior?


9. A customer is concerned they are over utilizing their 7K drives. Where can information about the real time I/O usage of individual drives be viewed?



10. A company is using an SC4020 array and the storage administrator wants to expand the available capacity by adding 92, 3.5” disk drives. Which expansion enclosure(s) can be used to meet the demand?


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