DES-1B21 Free Questions – Specialist – Implementation Engineers, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Exam

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DES-1B21 Free Questions – Specialist – Implementation Engineers, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Exam

1. The ECS network solution for an organization is designed to have 4x10bE uplinks connected to both Cisco switches. The organization will create the needed port channels.
What additional configuration on Cisco switches is recommended for high availability and redundancy?


2. When a disk state is suspect, what are the allowable options?


3. Which ECS array license file enables data services for storage management?


4. An organization needs to isolate each business unit form the other such that each unit has its own user management, replication configuration and encryption policy.

What should the organization create on the ECS?


5. An implementation engineer is installing ECS and sees that node names are not resolving to the public IP addresses.
Which command should they use to validate the ECS DNS configuration?


6. What does ECS S3 authentication with signature version 2 use to sign requests?


7. Which type of data service is provided by ECS?


8. In an environment with two or more VDCs, which operation is unavailable when network connectivity is interrupted between the VDCs?


9. What is a prerequisite for an end user to obtain the license file?


10. Which data encryption mode is supported by ECS?


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