DES-1B31 Free Questions – Specialist – Systems Administrator, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Exam

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DES-1B31 exam focuses on the knowledge and activities involved in managing and monitoring ECS solutions. This includes configuring ECS components, different data client access and ECS product integrations with some DELL EMC Data Protection products.

1. A storage administrator enquires about ECS access to S3, NFSv3, and HDFS.

What should be your response?


2. What is a correct statement concerning the use of ECS as an LTR solution with DD Cloud Tier?


3. What is the minimum number of nodes required to configure an ECS storage pool?


4. Which type of data service is provided by ECS?


5. Which tab would a user select in the ECS portal to configure ESRS?


6. How does a user apply a license on an ECS system?


7. Which Centera feature is supported in an ECS 3.0 CAS environment?


8. On which level(s) is an ECS retention policy enforced?


9. Which protocol allows Microsoft Windows servers to access storage on ECS?


10. A company wants its x64 Linux backup data sent directly to ECS.

Which supported and most efficient configuration would you recommend for this environment?


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