DES-1D12 Exam Questions To Pass Specialist – Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Solutions Exam

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DES-1D12 Exam Questions To Pass Specialist – Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Solutions Exam

1. Which optional feature provides optimization on a Dell EMC SC Series Hybrid array?



Using customer supplied information, you have designed a solution using a Dell EMC Unity 450F array with 250 drives. The customer now wants to increase the drive count to 340 drives at the lowest cost.
Which Unity configuration should be recommended?


A customer has a Dell EMC SC7020 array with a Fibre Channel front-end. They would like to take advantage of the Dell EMC SC Series cross-platform replication feature with a Dell PS Series group.
What needs to be configured for this to be feasible?

4. How many snapshots, per file system, are supported for Dell EMC Unity XT?


5. What are components of a Dell EMC PowerStore Base Volume Family?


6. You are designing a Dell EMC SC Series array. It must handle 21,000 IOPS for attached hosts, with a read/write ratio of 70:30. What will be the target back-end IOPS for this design?


7. When sizing a Dell EMC SC Series system, what is a consideration for Tier 3 design?


8. While provisioning volumes using the Dell EMC PowerStore Manager interface, what automatically determines on which appliance the volume will be provisioned?



A customer needs a solution to support a virtual desktop infrastructure that requires faster storage at the lowest cost. In addition, they want to limit the maximum number of drives to 450.
Which Dell EMC Unity model should be recommended?


You are adding a Linux host running Oracle to a Dell EMC Unity Hybrid array. The customer requires the Oracle application to have low I/O latency and be deployed on available 10K SAS or NL-SAS drives.
Which Dell EMC Unity feature would meet the customer requirements?

11. You are designing a two-tiered Dell EMC SC Series solution that will be optimized for performance. You gather the necessary data from Live Optics and find that the read/write ratio is 80:20.

What approach is recommended?


12. You are sizing a new Dell EMC SC Series array. Upon analyzing the Live Optics report, you find the current system has a peak throughput of 4687 MB.

What is the minimum number of 10Gb iSCSI front-end ports required to meet the throughput needs?


13. What is the Dell EMC best practice for sizing and designing a Dell EMC SC Series solution?


14. You plan to schedule a Live Optics sampling with your customer to size a Dell EMC SC Series array. However, the customer wants to postpone the run until the end of the quarter because there could be more activity on the current storage system.

What course of action is recommended?


15. A customer site has four NAS servers participating in MetroSync replication.

Which Dell EMC Unity feature could reduce failover times?


16. What is a benefit of cross-platform replication between Dell EMC SC Series and Dell PS Series arrays?


17. Recent legislation requires a government customer to enhance data security by utilizing D@RE with SED drivers and use Level 3 certified security.

Which KMS product should be recommended for use with Dell EMC SC Series arrays?


18. A customer configures their Live Volume setup for synchronous replication with the High Availability option. They are designing a DR resiliency plan to ensure data integrity in the event of data corruption.

Which Dell EMC SC Series technology should you use?


19. You are upgrading a Dell EMC Unity array to a Dell EMC PowerStore 1000 T array. The customer asks what they need to do so they can map PowerStore snapshots from the new PowerStore array to a host.

What should be your response?


20. Which features were introduced in SCOS 7.3?


21. When enabling a multi-protocol NAS implementation on a Dell EMC PowerStore array, what is required for an end-to-end mapping of a Windows system?


22. A customer has a Dell EMC SC9000 array with six SC420 enclosures running SCOS 7.3.

The enclosure configuration is as follows:

– Two enclosures have write-intensive SSDs

– Four enclosures have read-intensive SSDs

What is recommended as a general guideline for making spare drive assignments?


23. The last two drive slots in a Dell EMC PowerStore 3000 are reserved for which type of drive?


24. What is a key feature of the Dell EMC Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program for Dell EMC SC Series arrays?


25. What is a characteristic of single-tier Flash on Dell EMC SC Series arrays?


26. What storage resources are affected with a refresh option on a Dell EMC PowerStore array?


27. How many PCI-E lanes are provided for Slot 0 and Slot 1 in Dell EMC Unity XT arrays?


28. What is a consequence of using an 800 GB drive and five 400 GB drives in a Dell EMC Unity XT dynamic pool?


29. A Dell EMC Unity storage administrator needs to build a NAS server configuration to support failover between SPs and NAS resources.

What is a term for this configuration?


30. You are designing a Dell EMC PowerStore solution with a customer. They ask if they can populate Slots 0 to 10 with NVMe SSD drives.

What should be your response?


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