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1. An implementation engineer is tasked with setting up RecoverPoint for VMs on a new 4-node E Series VxRail duster.

How many VMs are licensed to be protected on the cluster?


2. Use the VxRail simulator to explore the system.

What is the presented configuration? Note: It fs necessary to close (x) the simulator window before you can select a response to this question.


3. What is a characteristic of the VxRail S Series node?


4. Which vCenter object is created automatically when deploying VxRail with an external vCenter Server?


5. A company has multiple VxRail systems installed at geographically dispersed data centers They want to upgrade all their VxRail systems to the latest release- Before the upgrade, they want an inventory report of all the VxRail systems which shows the current health status and versions of all installed VxRail components.

What should be used to meet these requirements?


6. What is a requirement for the vSAN Data-at-Rest Encryption?


7. A VxRail Manager VM must be configured as follows:

* IP address: 192 168.10.16

* Net mask:

* Gateway: 192 168 10 254 Which command must be used?


8. What Is a supported method for racking nodes for a new VxRail deployment?


9. Which requirement must be met when expanding a 3-node VxRail G560F cluster with a fourth G Series node in the same chassis?


10. According to Dell best practices, which VxRail series can be deployed in either datacenters or remote locations?


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