DES-6332 Free Questions – Specialist – Systems Administrator, VxRail Appliance Exam

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DES-6332 Free Questions – Specialist – Systems Administrator, VxRail Appliance Exam

1. An administrator attempts to add an S Series node to a Gen 2 VxRail cluster and the build fails

What is a possible reason for this failure?


2. There is a request to add two new disks to an existing VM residing on a VxRail vSAN that you manage One disk is 250 GB and the other is 500 GB The VM is using the vSAN default storage policy.

How many vSAN objects will be created?


3. AVxRail administrator has been informed by Dell EMC that an Internet software upgrade is available for their VxRail cluster The administrator logs into VxRail Manager VxRail Manager shows only the Local Upgrade option and not the Internet Upgrade option.

What is a possible reason?


4. What are the vSAN storage policy settings applied to the VxRail Manager VM during initial setup*?


5. When using a vSAN storage policy with FTT = 1 and FTM = Mirroring, how many witness components exist for a VMDK?


6. What is the minimum number of nodes needed for self-healing after a failure with a vSAN storage policy of FTT = 1 and FTM = Mirroring?


7. You are planning to install CloudArray Virtual Edition Where should you navigate to in VxRail Manager?


8. Which VxRail model series supports only hybrid disks?


9. A user has three G Series nodes in a VxRail cluster They are planning to add five additional G Series nodes

How much additional rack space is required to accommodate the new nodes?


10. AVxRail administrator needs to add storage capacity to a 4-nodeVxRail E Series cluster Each node currently has one cache and four capacity disks

What does the administrator need to order, per node, to fully populate the available disk slots?


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