DEVOPSF Free Questions – EXIN DevOps Foundation V8.02

DevOps Foundation is ideal for IT and business professionals who want to understand DevOps and how their organization can benefit from its principles. When you are preparing for DEVOPSF exam to give the basic knowledge and understanding of DevOps, we have DEVOPSF exam questions to ensure that you can pass EXIN DevOps Foundation exam smoothly. We also recommend you read DEVOPS free questions online first. You may find it is worth buying real DEVOPSF exam questions.

DEVOPSF Free Questions – EXIN DevOps Foundation V8.02

1. Every team needs information. In DevOps, it is stressed to visualize certain information.
Which piece of information should be made available, so the team has ready access to it?


2. A company is not yet using DevOps practices. The team notices a problematic accumulation of technical debt. One of the team members suggests implementing DevOps practices to solve this problem.
Which DevOps practices support reducing technical debt?


3. For what type of business is DevOps the least suitable?


4. A team stores not only source code, but many other things related to the IT system, such as tests, scripts, artifacts, libraries and many other things.
Which DevOps principle has this team implemented?


5. What is a benefit of the way the Definition of Done is defined in DevOps?


6. Commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) has both advantages and limitations for businesses.
What is true about COTS?


7. DevOps implies that not only the boundary between Development and Operations must disappear.
Which other boundary must also disappear?


8. DevOps benefits from a ‘start-up spirit’ to focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.
Which attitude to change fits with that start-up spirit in DevOps?


9. In DevOps, the organization should start where they are and progress iteratively.
What needs to change compared to a more traditional environment to facilitate progression?


10. An IT architecture is characterized as monolithic and rigidly bound.
What difficulty with adopting DevOps practices can be expected?


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