DNDNS-200 Practice Test Questions – Dell Networking Professional Exam

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DNDNS-200 Practice Test Questions – Dell Networking Professional Exam

1. The status LED is blinking RED for an N-Series switch.

Which system behavior is indicated?



Refer to the exhibit.

A network engineer is called onsite to troubleshoot replication failure and traffic loss. Whenever replication occurs between SAN A and SAN B, users report traffic loss between sites, and replication ultimately fails due to traffic loss.

Based on the topology shown, what is the most likely cause of the traffic loss?


3. A network engineer has connected a Port Extender to a C-Series switch. While issuing the command “show pe brief” on the C-Series switch, the engineer sees a status of “offline”.

Which two things could be causing the Port-Extender to show “offline”? (Choose two.)


4. A network engineer needs to summarize the IP range of addresses from to

What is the most effective choice?


5. When facing the front of a C-Series switch, in which direction does air flow?


6. Refer to the exhibit.

A network engineer is installing a new Dell S-Series switch on the rack and notices that the Power LED is blinking yellow.

What is causing this behavior on the switch?


7. The network engineer powers on a new S-Series switch. None of the devices connected to this new switch are responding to pings.

Which two conditions should the network engineer verify? (Choose two.)


8. On an N-Series switch, which three outputs display when a network engineer runs the command show system? (Choose three.)


9. A network engineer configures a new S-Series switch. When the network engineer reloads the switch, the running configuration is defaulted.

What is the most likely cause of the default running configuration?


10. Which three components can be used to deploy 10GbE N-Series switches in a user-port stack configuration? (Choose three.)


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