Download 2021 Free TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 TCP-BW6 Demo and Practice Exam

If you want to pass the TCP-BW6 TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 Certification Exam on the first try, PassQuestion is the best study materials for you. PassQuestion TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 TCP-BW6 practice tests have helped lots of candidates pass the exam on the 1st try. Now, this post will contain 10 questions with verified answers. Try the demo below to test yourself!

1. In a mapping, you want to copy a node from the input tree without any of the children this node might have.

Which statement should you use to accomplish this?


2. What can be modifed from the TIBCO Designer Startup Panel Administration tab?


3. What are three special transitions for the purpose of processing exceptions? (Choose three.)


4. Which statement is correct about Rendezvous fault-tolerant groups (RVFTs)?


5. Which two actions should be performed if the JVM crashes when the installer starts? (Choose two.)


6. YourTIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks process starts by receiving a JMS queue message using the JMS Queue Receiver activity. The message body consists of name/value pairs.

Which Message Type should be selected?


7. Domain Dl contains two machines, Ml and M2, and is configured to use TIBCO Rendezvous as the messaging transport.

Ml will host:

> the Primary Domain Server PDS1

> one TIBCO Hawk Agent HA1

> one TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Engine BWE1 M2 will host:

> one TIBCO ActiveMatrix Adapter for Database ADB2

> one TIBCO Hawk Agent HA2

> one TIBCO EMS Server

Which two communication scenarios are valid? (Choose two.)


8. Which two statements are true about process versions? (Choose two.)


9. Which processes are recovered when an ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks engine is gracefully stopped and restarted?


10. What is required before exposing a process as a web service?


11. Which two TIBCO products must be installed to manage ActiveMatrix BusinessWorksresources? (Choose two.)


12. Which two statements are true about the Block Data Visibility Data Pattern? (Choose two.)


13. In TIBCO Designer, which menu is used to add an activity to an ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks process?


14. How is work offered or allocated through instantiations of a dynamic organization?


15. Which two statements are true about access control and bridges? (Choose two.)


16. What does Rendezvous Daemon Manager (RVDM) manage?


17. You are a supervisor of a group of analysts at your company. Your business analysts do not have sufficient experience to understand the configuration of web services and integration components.

How would you hide the technical implementation details from your business analysts?


18. What is the result of a message producer sending messages with the JMSDeliveryMode set to NON_PERSISTENT?


19. TIBCO Administrator domain is needed to meet the following requirements: A BusinessWorks process must be deployed that receives input from an EMS topic and publishes data to an EMS queue. The topic and queue names must contain a token used for migrating between testing and production environments. The system administrator must be able to purge the topic and queue from within the TIBCO Administrator.

Which two actions should be taken to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)


20. Server R defines a global queue named Ql. R is also the owner of Q1. Servers P and S define routed queues [email protected]. The servers P, R, and S are connected by routes.

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)


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