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1. In the Solaris 10 operating system, when only ordinary users can ftp to the network management server, which file should be modified so that the root user can also remotely ftp to the server?


2. VLAN conversion on the user side is generally performed on the MA5680T service board.

What are the methods for VLAN conversion? (Choose 3)


3. Which of the following isql login database commands is correct?


4. Is the following description correct? ONT loading on MA5600T/MA5680T GPBC/GPBD is parallel on-board, and supports parallel loading of 256 ONTs at the same time.


5. Regarding the use of ADSL interleaving mode, which of the following statements is correct?


6. Which control frame messages are defined by MPCP? (Multiple Choice)


7. What is not included in the uplink mode of MA5616?


8. When the MA5600T configures the multicast service, which of the following options must be configured, otherwise the multicast program may not be able to be viewed?


9. In the template mode of MA5680T, where is the configuration of tcont and gemport integrated?


10. Which of the following does not belong to the VLAN type supported by MA5600T/MA5680T?


11. In GPON network, which of the following reasons may cause ONU to fail to go online? (Multiple choice)


12. Which of the following descriptions of MUX vlan characteristics is correct?


13. In the GPON system, what bandwidth types does type1 in the Tcont type include?


14. Regarding the description of UA5000, which of the following statements is wrong?


15. According to the ITU-T G.984.x series of standards, what are the upstream and downstream bandwidths of GPON?


16. Which of the following products does not belong to MDU?


17. Which of the following is not part of the PON network system?


18. Which of the following boards does not belong to the narrowband service board of the UA5000?


19. According to the H.248 protocol, what is the type of terminal occupied when the telephone terminal is off-hook?


20. In the MA5600 software system, which VLAN can only add Ethernet ports?


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