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Below are Adobe AD0-E600 free exam questions for reading:

1. A marketer needs to quickly validate that data ingested into a dataset processed to Profile successfully. Using the AEP.

In which two ways can the marketer perform this task? (Choose two.)


2. A marketer wants 10 create a segment that qualities profiles from all datasets that are enabled for profile. The use case for the segment is for activation to advertising destinations.

Based on the options for ID stitching and merge method respectively, which type of merge policy is appropriate for this use case?


3. A data architect responsible for maintaining existing schemas is notified that a previously defined mandatory field is no longer available due to some changes in the inbound data. The data architect confirms the existing schema has been saved and is currently being leveraged in data ingestion.

Which option does the data architect have?


4. Which subset of data appears when clicking the ‘Preview dataset” button on a Dataset page?


5. An AEP expert has been tasked with a last-minute request to send a campaign. The AEP expert needs to upload a CSV file with the customer list that will be affected through the campaign, create the segments based on a briefing, and share those segments with Adobe Campaign and Facebook Custom Audiences. The brief also includes the segment volumes.

Before sharing the segments, the AEP expert needs to make sure that the segment volumes match the briefing.

What should the AEP do right after creating the segments to get the volumes?


6. A data engineer ingests 1000 records that contain various different identities. Each record has at least the primary identity.

The data engineer verifies that the records have been ingested into Data Lake and profile. When clicking on one of the identity namespaces in the identity tab the data engineer sees 100 records under “Records skipped”.

What is the possible cause of the skipped records?


7. During discovery, a business user explains that customer data from field-sales reps is stored in a third-party CRM system.

Based on the three methods of ingesting data into Adobe Experience Platform, which method should be used to set up a schedule-based ingestion run?


8. Which service allows a data engineer to look up all metadata for a given batch ID via API?


9. A data engineer is bringing in audience definitions into Adobe Experience Platform from external sources.

Which standard Experience Data Model (XDM) class should the data engineer use?


10. What is model scoring in the Data Science Workspace?


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