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1. Create a namespace called ‘development’ and a pod with image nginx called nginx on this namespace.


2. Get list of all pods in all namespaces and write it to file “/opt/pods-list.yaml”


3. Create a pod with image nginx called nginx and allow traffic on port 80


4. Create a busybox pod that runs the command “env” and save the output to “envpod” file


5. List pod logs named “frontend” and search for the pattern “started” and write it to a file “/opt/error- logs”


6. Create a pod that echo “hello world” and then exists. Have the pod deleted automatically when it’s completed


7. Create a pod with environment variables as var1=value1.Check the environment variable in pod


8. Get list of all the pods showing name and namespace with a jsonpath expression.


9. Check the image version in pod without the describe command


10. List the nginx pod with custom columns POD_NAME and POD_STATUS


Free 2021 Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) Exam Questions

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