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1. As a tester you participate in the project of the decision support system for granting a loan.

You are asked to review the acceptance criteria for the following requirement:

REQ 3.28. The automated system records critical credit application data (CCAD. needed to support application screening.

Assume that it is well known what kind of data CCAD are.

Which of the following would be the BEST example of an acceptance criterion for this requirement?


2. Which one of the following statements describes an exploratory test charter BEST?


3. Which of the following activities is most likely performed by the business analyst as part of defect analysis?


4. Which of the following information is most likely part of an acceptance test summary report?


5. Which one of the following test design techniques fits accepting testing purposes BEST?


6. Which of the following statements regarding defects is MOST correct?


7. You are leading a brand new project team whose members are coming from all over the organization and have no former experience in working together. You need to build a common vision and team spirit.

What workshop would fit BEST:


8. Which one of the following statements defines beta testing BEST?


9. Which one of the following statements regarding acceptance criteria is true?


10. In Agile an exploratory test session is conducted.

Which one of the following concepts applies BEST?


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