[E05-001 ism v3 Free Questions] E05-001 Information Storage and Management v3

E05-001 ism v3 exam is a hot Dell EMC Certification test, you will practice in the following E05-001 ism v3 Free Questions to get a basic concept for your Information Storage and Management v3 test. To get full version practice, click the picture at the end of this article.

1. Which data center characteristic ensures that adequate resources are provided to efficiently store and process data?


2. Which data center management process involves collating and presenting the utilization of resources?


3. Which type of digital data has no defined format but has a self-describing structure that enables its analysis?



4. Which type of digital data consists of textual data with inconsistent formats but can be formatted with the use of software tools?


5. What is an accurate statement about a hybrid cloud?


6. What is an accurate statement about Software as a Service?


7. Which cloud service does VMware vCloud Air provide?


8. A start-up company with a limited budget is planning to adopt a hybrid cloud solution for their operations. The company has business-critical applications that serve customers and have strict service levels. In addition, the company has less critical applications such as backup and archive.

Which hybrid cloud strategy should be recommended to the company?


9. Which benefit does the measured service characteristic provide to a cloud service provider?


10. Which cloud computing characteristic enables multi-tenancy and abstracts the location of provided resources?


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