E20-385 Free Questions – Data Domain Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers

E20-385 exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Implementation Engineer,Data Domain (DECS-IE) Certification. E20-385 exam focuses on installation, integration, and administration of Dell EMC Data Domain systems. If you are having problems in passing your DELL EMC E20-385 Certification Exam . Passquestion has the right solutions for you to pass your DELL EMC E20-385 Exam with confidence. You can check the following E20-385 Free Questions which selected from Passquestion E20-385 full version.

E20-385 Free Questions – Data Domain Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers

1. When logging into an EMC Data Domain system during an initial installation, which connection type must be used?


2. Which EMC Data Domain type of replication is initiated by backup software?


3. The following facts have been gathered about an EMC Data Domain implementation:

– Retention policy is 28 days

– Backups start at 6 P.M. and finish by 4 A.M.

– Backup schedule is full on Monday; incremental every other day

– First full backup size = 150 TB

– Reduction rate on first full backup = 5x

– Subsequent reduction rate on full backups = 15x

– Daily change rate = 10%

– Incremental reduction rate = 25x

When installed, the EMC Data Domain cleaning schedule will be left at the default settings. Assuming that the first backup is taken on a Monday, what is the minimum disk requirement for the Data Domain system?


4. An EMC Data Domain administrator tries to configure Active Directory (AD) as the authentication method for CIFS share. The administrator is unable to connect to the CIFS share with the user ‘Backup Operator’.

What could be the issue?


5. A customer is writing critical data to the pre-configured, default NFS export on an EMC Data Domain system for replication to a remote site.

Which directory on the local Data Domain system should be reviewed to verify the data is successfully being written?


6. An EMC Data Domain customer is looking for a way to charge each company department for storage utilization on their Data Domain systems.

How can this be implemented in Data Domain?


7. When using VTL on an EMC Data Domain system, why should persistent binding be enabled on the host?


8. You are installing an EMC Data Domain system with two expansion shelves in a customerprovided rack.

When cabling the controller to the shelves, where does the host port on the last shelf in the chain get connected?


9. What is used by SISL to verify segment uniqueness?


10. What are the states of the SAS LED connection status indicators at the back of an EMC Data Domain ES20?


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