E20-575 Free Questions – Specialist-System Administrator, RecoverPoint Version 2.0

It is a great way to start your IT career by passing DELL EMC E20-575 exam. But the question is how to pass E20-575 Specialist-System Administrator, RecoverPoint Version 2.0 exam? Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while preparing for DELL EMC E20-575 exam. Finding relevant and absolute E20-575 Free Questions will help you a lot. It will broaden your mind in the preparation. Moreover, these E20-575 Free Questions will helps you in understanding the real exam scenario.

E20-575 Free Questions – Specialist-System Administrator, RecoverPoint Version 2.0

1. What is determined by setting the priority level on a Consistency Group (CG)?


2. Which RecoverPoint CLI command can be used to show a summarization of the errors and warnings for either one site or the entire RecoverPoint system?


3. When replicating a Consistency Group between clusters using XtremIO at each site that are connected through Fibre Channel, what is the maximum throughput per RPA?


4. A physical RecoverPoint cluster is connected to a single VMAX array. When running SAN diagnostics form the boxmgmt menu, what is the minimum number of WWPN can be seen in the storage ports section of the diagnostic test?


5. A storage administrator has one production site and one remote site. The administrator configured the RecoverPoint with VNX (SE) cluster at both sites. The current environment has two Consistency Groups configured with two copies each; one production copy and one remote copy. Based on the company’s growing business requirements, the administrator has been asked to keep a local copy of the production data.

Which action should occur in order to meet this requirement?


6. In Unisphere for RecoverPoint, which wizard will allow an administrator to manage and monitor all correctly accessed copies undergoing testing, failover, and production recovery?


7. A RecoverPoint administrator is adding a new user to the system using Unisphere.

Which pre-defined user is used to add a new user?


8. What occurs when Journal volumes are masked to hosts in a RecoverPoint environment?


9. In order to balance the workload of a RecoverPoint system, an administrator decided to change the primary RPA for specific Consistency Groups.

Where is this setting configured?


10. In a RecoverPoint environment, which EMC array supports Snap-based replication?


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