E20-594 Free Questions – Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Avamar Exam V10.02

Earning Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Avamar certification requires you complete one Associate certification and pass E20-594 Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Avamar Exam successfully. To ensure you are knowledgeable in Avamar concepts and terminology, DELL EMC E20-594 exam questions are online for helping you pass E20-594 exam in the first try. Practice all E20-594 exam questions and answers to make sure you have a good preparation in Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Avamar Exam.

E20-594 Free Questions – Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Avamar Exam V10.02

1. What would you run to determine if your EMC Avamar server is running in a steady state?


2. What is the access mode of the server during an EMC Avamar checkpoint maintenance activity?


3. Garbage collection is running on an EMC Avamar server.
What activities can be performed at this time?


4. Which mode(s) of EMC Avamar replication allows for many-to-one and bi-directional replication?


5. By default, where are the EMC Avamar files located on a Solaris client?


6. What is the recommended replication method for moving all data and clients from a single node to a multinode EMC Avamar server?


7. Which EMC Avamar policies are part of a group?


8. Which type of restore can a user perform with EMC Avamar Desktop/Laptop?


9. Which processes are started automatically during an EMC Avamar Windows backup client installation?


10. The EMC Avamar backup administrator is starting an ad-hoc backup using the Avamar Administrator interface.
However, you notice that avtar is not starting on the client.
Where is the first place you should look to begin troubleshooting?


11. In EMC Avamar, below which ratio is it considered unnecessary to compress a given chunk of data?


12. Which protocol is used to make the backup connection between the EMC Avamar client and the EMC Avamar server?


13. A multinode EMC Avamar server is backing up clients throughout the world. Each geographical area has a domain and a domain administrator to manage the backup clients in their domain.
What must each domain administrator keep in mind to help ensure that backup schedules do not conflict with the EMC Avamar server blackout window?


14. Which client process listens for a work order from the EMC Avamar server?


15. Which port on the Avamar server does the client connect to when performing a backup with no encryption?


16. What is an EMC Avamar object?


17. In an EMC Avamar system, for each file that is backed up, how many SHA-1 hash bytes are added to the file cache?


18. Which port must be open on an EMC Avamar utility node to be able to browse a client file system?


19. Which hash represents each data chunk processed during an EMC Avamar backup?


20. In which format will a Windows file be restored when using the EMC Avamar client Web interface?


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