E20-598 Free Questions – Backup and Recovery – Avamar Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators V9.02

DELL EMC E20-598 exam is a specialist exam for Specialist – Systems Administrator, Avamar (DCS-SA) track. It focuses on ensuring individuals are knowledgeable in Avamar concepts and terminology. When choosing E20-598 exam questions and study materials online to complete Specialist – Systems Administrator, Avamar Version 8.0 certification, PassQuestion E20-598 exam questions and answers will be highly recommended. We have E20-598 free questions online, you can check the demo questions before getting the full version. You will find that E20-598 exam questions are great for 100% passing.

E20-598 Free Questions – Backup and Recovery – Avamar Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators V9.02

1. Which hash type represents an individual data chunk processed during an EMC Avamar backup?


2. For each file that is backed up in an EMC Avamar system, how many total bytes are added to the file cache?


3. What are three types of EMC Avamar hashes?


4. What is used by EMC Avamar to provide system-wide fault tolerance?


5. The EMC Avamar client needs to backup a file and has performed sticky-byte factoring.

This results in the following:

– Seven (7) chunks that will compress at 30%

– Four (4) that will compress at 23%

– Two (2) chunks at 50% compression

How many chunks will be compressed prior to hashing?


6. Which four account management actions can be performed from the EMC Client Manager interface?


7. In EMC Avamar 6.0, which tool is used to completely move clients to a new Avamar server?


8. Which tool is used to move a client to a new domain in EMC Avamar 6.0?


9. How many simultaneous client connections per node will an EMC Avamar server support?


10. What is a characteristic of variable block deduplication?


11. A storage node in a multi-node Avamar server has failed and a replacement node has been added to the grid.

What is used to reconstruct the data on the new node?


12. Which port on the Avamar server does the client connect to when performing a backup with encryption enabled?


13. Which time zone is used on EMC Avamar nodes?


14. In an EMC Avamar backup operation, which process always produces identical chunk results given the same data?


15. On an EMC Avamar server, what is the file extension of stripes that contain backup chunks?


16. A customer is unable to connect to their EMC Avamar server when using the Avamar Administrator GUI.

If default settings are being used, which port must be open for a successful connection?


17. Which interface is used to start Avamar Client Manager?


18. Which size Avamar Gen4 storage node is supported for a RAIN configuration?


19. Which processes are started automatically during an EMC Avamar Windows client installation?


20. Which administrative tasks can be performed using the EMC Avamar Enterprise Manager?


21. What is the first process performed by avatar when running an EMC Avamar backup?


22. A company wants to back up their EMC Celerra to their Avamar server. Where is the Avamar backup client software installed?


23. By default, which port is required to be open on the firewall for client communications with the EMC Avamar utility node?


24. How much RAM is required for an EMC Avamar Gen4 utility node?


25. What is the maximum number of nodes that can be configured for an EMC Avamar multi-node grid?


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