E20-893 Free Questions – NetWorker Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers

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E20-893 Free Questions – NetWorker Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers

1. A Dell EMC NetWorker Module for Microsoft VSS-based recovery of a Microsoft SQL AlwaysOn Availability Group must be performed.

What is the first step a database administrator must complete prior to recovering the database?


2. A Dell EMC administrator is configuring a new SAP with Oracle environment.

What is a consideration when configuring backups using NMSAP?


3. A Dell EMC NetWorker administrator notices that the NetWorker backups to a Data Domain system are not completing within the backup window.

Which best practice can be implemented to improve performance?


4. A Dell EMC NetWorker customer has Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V clustered servers. They plan to back up the VMs in Hyper-V using NMM.

What is an NMM backup requirement for this environment?


5. A Dell EMC NetWorker administrator wants to configure a Microsoft Exchange DAG backup for their environment.

Which action should occur to create a user and assign the required privileges?


6. A Dell EMC NetWorker backup administrator is planning for the protection of data in a new HR system. The HR department has provided an RPO and RTO for each of the data sources.

What does knowing the RPO help to plan?


7. You are assisting a Dell EMC NetWorker backup administrator in configuring a workflow to run an image backup of a VMware virtual machine.

What should be configured?


8. A customer plans to use Dell EMC NetWorker with DD Boost. The storage node will have 15 DD Boost devices, each expecting to handle 55 save sessions.

Which values are used to calculate the minimum amount of physical RAM required on the storage node?


9. A new Dell EMC NetWorker administrator is asked to run the nsrnmmsv.exe –Pcommand before configuring backups of their Microsoft Exchange environment.

What information does this command provide?


10. A Dell EMC NetWorker customer is configuring ProtectPoint devices that include VMAX3 as a primary storage device.

Which system is responsible for change block tracking?


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