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1. Which user provided block of IP addresses to the VxRail initialization wizard may contain non-contiguous addresses?


2. A company wants to deploy VxRail on V Series nodes as a proof-of-concept (POC). Only one Top of Rack (ToR) switch has been provided for the POC.

What is the Dell EMC best practice recommendation in this situation?


3. When preparing for a VxRail deployment, which components require forward and reserve DNS records?


4. What is the correct command to restart the Loudmouth process on a VxRail node?


5. What is the VxRail maximum cluster size if using only 1 GbE links?


6. When adding a VxRail node the validation fails.

What could be the cause of this problem?


7. You are asked to cable up a VxRail G Series cluster to a redundant pair of 1/10G switches.

What is the cabling best practice for this configuration?


8. A company is in the process of configuring their Top of Rack (ToR) switches as a single rack that replicates to a secondary data center with vSphere Replication.

What is a consideration for this configuration?


9. In a VxRail external vCenter deployment, which component(s) are automatically licensed?


10. When using vSphere Web Client, what is the source of information that can help validate good VxRail system post-deployment status?


11. A planned VxRail deployment will use an External vCenter Server and syslog server.

Which ping connectivity tests should succeed and which should fail before the deployment?


12. A 4 node VxRail solution will be deployed. Based on the exhibit, what will be the host name assigned to the last node in the cluster?


13. Which requirement is optional for a VxRail Stretched Cluster?


14. A BMC interface webpage is reachable but unresponsive.

What should be done to resolve this problem?


15. During a node add procedure the new node cannot be discovered. A ping to the IPv6 address is responding.

What could be the cause of this issue?


16. An ESRS deployment on a VxRail system with external vCenter fails with “Invalid target datastore specified”.

What is required to resolve this problem?


17. During a VxRail installation, the deployment fails at 9%.

Based on the exhibit, what could be the reason for this failure?


18. Which integrated backup solution is included with VxRail at no additional cost?


19. When using the RASR method to reset a VxRail node, which boot device is selected?


20. Which setting can be changed port-deployment without risking VxRail system failure?


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