Fortinet NSE8_810 practice questions and answers

Fortinet Network Security Expert 8 Written Exam is the full name of NSE8_810 exam,Passquestion offers you the latest Fortinet NSE8_810 practice questions and answers to help you best prepare for your test.This Fortinet NSE8_810 practice questions and answers will help you to understand question format, skills evolution and helpful resources for further study. The Fortinet NSE8_810 practice questions and answers will be your first-hand exam experience what is like to have a real NSE8_810 exam.

Practice the following Fortinet NSE8_810 practice questions and answers

1. You want to access the JSON API on FortiManager to retrieve information on an object.

In this scenario, which two methods will satisfy the requirement? (Choose two.)


2. You have a customer with a SCADA environmental control devices that is trigged a false-positive OPS alert whenever the device’s Web GUI is accessed. You cannot seem to create a functional custom IPS filter expert this behavior, and it appears that the device is so old that it does HTTPS support. You need to prevent the false posited IPS alert occurring.

In this scenario, which two actions would accomplish this task? (Choose two.)


3. You want to manage a FortiCloud service. The FortiGate shows up in your list devices on the FortiCloud Web site, but all management functions are either missing or grayed out.

Which statement a correct in this scenario?


4. FortiMail configured with the protected domain “internal lab”.

Which two envelopes addresses will need an access control rule to relay e-mail sent for unauthenticated users? (Choose two.)


5. You deploy a FortiGate device in a remote office based on the requirements shown below.

— Due to company’s security policy, management IP of your FortiGate is not allowed to access the Internet.

— Apply Web Filtering, Antivirus, IPS and Application control to the protected subnet.

— Be managed by a central FortiManager in the head office.

Which action will help to achieve the requirements?



Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true about local authentication? (Choose two.)


7. Exhibit

An Administrator reports continuous high CPU utilization on a FortiGate device due to the IPS engine. The exhibit shows the global IPS configuration. Which two configuration actions will reduce the CPU usage? (Choose two.)


8. You are building a FortiGala cluster which is stretched over two locations. The HA connections for the cluster are terminated on the data centers. Once the FortiGates have booted, they do form a cluster. The network operators inform you that CRC eoors are present on the switches where the FortiGAtes are connected.

What would you do to solve this problem?


9. You cannot the FortiGales default gateway 10.10.10 .1 from the FortiGate CLI. The FortiGate interface facing  the default gateway is wan 1 and its IP address 10.10 .10 K74 During the troubleshooting, tests, you confirmed that you can plug other IP addresses in the 10.10.10. 0/24 subnet from the FortiGAte CLI without packets lost.

Which two CLI commands will help you to troubleshoot this problem? (Choose two.)


10. Exhibit

You created a custom health-check for your FortiWeb deployment.

Referring to the output shown in the exhibit, which statement is true?


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