Free 2021 HPE6-A79 Practice Exam Questions To Test Yourself

HPE6-A79 exam tests your technical expert skills with WLAN design, implementation, and configuration in complex multisite highly available network environments using the Aruba Controller, Access Point, and AirWave product lines. It also tests your ability to design, implement, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain end-to-end WLAN campus and branch solutions, and resolve issues in an existing customer infrastructure.

PassQuestion provides a free HPE6-A79 Practice Exam Questions to help you check the HPE6-A79 exam features. Try these 10 HPE6-A79 Practice Exam Questions to know about the Aruba Certified Mobility Expert Written Exam exam topics and layout well.

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1. Refer to the exhibit.

A network administrator has recently enabled WMM on the VAP’s SSID profile and enabled UCC Skype4B ALG at the Mobility Master level. During testing, some voice and video conference calls were made, and it was concluded that the call quality has dramatically improved. However, end to end information isn’t displayed in the call’s details. Also, Skype4B app-sharing’s performance is poor at times.

What must the administrator do next in order to enable end to end call visibility and QoS correction to app-sharing service?


2. A company with 535 users deploys an Aruba solution with more than 1000 Aruba APs, two 7220 Mobility Controllers, and a single Mobility Master (MM) virtual appliance at the campus server farm. The MCs run a HA Fast failover group in dual mode and operate at 50% AP capacity.

If there is an MM or MC failure, the network administrator must ensure that the network is fully manageable and the MC load does not exceed 80%.

What can the network administrator do to meet these requirements?


3. Refer to the exhibit.

A network administrator adds a Mobility Controller (MC) in the /mm level and notices that the device does not show up in the managed networks hierarchy. The network administrator accesses the CLI. executes the show switches command, and obtains the output shown in the exhibit.

What is the reason that the MC does not appear as a managed device in the hierarchy?


4. Refer to the exhibit.

A network administrator deploys a Mobility Master (MM) – Mobility Controller (MC) network with Aps in different locations. Users in one of the locations report that the WiFi network works fine for several hours, and then they are suddenly disconnected. This symptom may happen at any time, up to three times every day, and lasts no more than two minutes.

After some research, the network administrator logs into the MM and reviews the output shown in the exhibit.

Based on this information, what is the most likely reason users get disconnected?


5. Users run Skype for Business on wireless clients with no WMM support over an Aruba Mobility Master (MM) – Mobility Controller (MC) based network. When traffic arrives at the wired network, it does not include either L2 or L3 markings.

Which configuration steps should the network administrator take to classify and mark voice and video traffic with UCC heuristics mode?


6. Users run encrypted Skype for Business traffic with no WMM support over an Aruba Mobility Master (MM) – Mobility Controller (MC) based network. When voice, video, and application sharing traffic arrive at the wired side of the network, all the flows look alike due to the lack of L2 and L3 markings

How can the network administrator identify these flows and mark QoS accordingly?


7. Refer to the exhibit.

A network administrator has Mobility Master (MM) – Mobility Controller (MC) based network and has fully integrated the MCs with ClearPass for RADIUS-based AAA services. The administrator is testing different ways to run user role derivation.

Based on the show command output, what method has the administrator use for assigning the “corp” role to client with MAC xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx?


8. A network administrator has deployed an Airwave Management Platform (AMP) server and integrated it with a Mobility Master (MM) – Mobility Controller (MC) based WLAN. The AMP server already has all Aruba Mobility devices including Access Points (APs) in the “UP” devices list.

What are two actions the administrator can execute upon the APs under “Airwave>Devices>Monitor”? (Choose two.)


9. Refer to the exhibit.

Based on the output shown in the exhibit, with which Aruba devices has Access-1 established tunnels?


10. A fully functional WLAN is deployed in a campus network using the following script.

Which part of the script can a network administrator re-use to assign a different default role to users when they connect to the same SSID in a second building?


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