Free CAS-004 Questions and Answers To Get CompTIA CASP+ Certification

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To test your skills, you can choose free CAS-004 free questions.

1. An organization wants to perform a scan of all its systems against best practice security configurations.

Which of the following SCAP standards, when combined, will enable the organization to view each of the configuration checks in a machine-readable checklist format for fill automation? (Choose two.)


2. Immediately following the report of a potential breach, a security engineer creates a forensic image of the server in question as part of the organization incident response procedure.

Which of the must occur to ensure the integrity of the image?


3. A company provides guest WiFi access to the internet and physically separates the guest network from the company’s internal WIFI. Due to a recent incident in which an attacker gained access to the compay’s intend WIFI, the company plans to configure WPA2 Enterprise in an EAP- TLS configuration.

Which of the following must be installed on authorized hosts for this new configuration to work properly?


4. Due to locality and budget constraints, an organization’s satellite office has a lower bandwidth allocation than other offices in the organization. As a result, the local security infrastructure staff is assessing architectural options that will help preserve network bandwidth and increase speed to both internal and external resources while not sacrificing threat visibility.

Which of the following would be the BEST option to implement?


5. Which of the following technologies allows CSPs to add encryption across multiple data storages?


6. A company undergoing digital transformation is reviewing the resiliency of a CSP and is concerned about meeting SLA requirements in the event of a CSP incident.

Which of the following would be BEST to proceed with the transformation?


7. A security compliance requirement states that specific environments that handle sensitive data must be protected by need-to-know restrictions and can only connect to authorized endpoints. The requirement also states that a DLP solution within the environment must be used to control the data from leaving the environment.

Which of the following should be implemented for privileged users so they can support the environment from their workstations while remaining compliant?


8. An organization recently experienced a ransomware attack. The security team leader is concerned about the attack reoccurring.

However, no further security measures have been implemented.

Which of the following processes can be used to identify potential prevention recommendations?


9. A financial services company wants to migrate its email services from on-premises servers to a cloud-based email solution. The Chief information Security Officer (CISO) must brief board of directors on the potential security concerns related to this migration.

The board is concerned about the following.

* Transactions being required by unauthorized individual

* Complete discretion regarding client names, account numbers, and investment information.

* Malicious attacker using email to distribute malware and ransom ware.

* Exfiltration of sensitivity company information.

The cloud-based email solution will provide an6-malware, reputation-based scanning, signature-based scanning, and sandboxing.

Which of the following is the BEST option to resolve the board’s concerns for this email migration?


10. The Chief information Officer (CIO) wants to establish a non-banding agreement with a third party that outlines the objectives of the mutual arrangement dealing with data transfers between both organizations before establishing a format partnership.

Which of the follow would MOST likely be used?


11. An organization developed a social media application that is used by customers in multiple remote geographic locations around the world. The organization’s headquarters and only datacenter are located in New York City.

The Chief Information Security Officer wants to ensure the following requirements are met for the social media application:

Low latency for all mobile users to improve the users’ experience

SSL offloading to improve web server performance

Protection against DoS and DDoS attacks

High availability

Which of the following should the organization implement to BEST ensure all requirements are met?


12. A home automation company just purchased and installed tools for its SOC to enable incident identification and response on software the company develops.

The company would like to prioritize defenses against the following attack scenarios:

Unauthorized insertions into application development environments

Authorized insiders making unauthorized changes to environment configurations

Which of the following actions will enable the data feeds needed to detect these types of attacks on development environments? (Choose two.)


13. A company’s SOC has received threat intelligence about an active campaign utilizing a specific vulnerability. The company would like to determine whether it is vulnerable to this active campaign.

Which of the following should the company use to make this determination?


14. A Chief information Security Officer (CISO) has launched to create a rebuts BCP/DR plan for the entire company. As part of the initiative, the security team must gather data supporting s operational importance for the applications used by the business and determine the order in which the application must be back online.

Which of the following be the FIRST step taken by the team?


15. A company is preparing to deploy a global service.

Which of the following must the company do to ensure GDPR compliance? (Choose two.)


16. A university issues badges through a homegrown identity management system to all staff and students. Each week during the summer, temporary summer school students arrive and need to be issued a badge to access minimal campus resources. The security team received a report from an outside auditor indicating the homegrown system is not consistent with best practices in the security field and leaves the institution vulnerable.

Which of the following should the security team recommend FIRST?


17. A business stores personal client data of individuals residing in the EU in order to process requests for mortgage loan approvals.

Which of the following does the business’s IT manager need to consider?


18. A cybersecurity engineer analyst a system for vulnerabilities. The tool created an OVAL. Results document as output.

Which of the following would enable the engineer to interpret the results in a human readable form? (Select TWO.)


19. A company plans to build an entirely remote workforce that utilizes a cloud-based infrastructure. The Chief Information Security Officer asks the security engineer to design connectivity to meet the following requirements:

Only users with corporate-owned devices can directly access servers hosted by the cloud provider.

The company can control what SaaS applications each individual user can access.

User browser activity can be monitored.

Which of the following solutions would BEST meet these requirements?


20. After a security incident, a network security engineer discovers that a portion of the company’s sensitive external traffic has been redirected through a secondary ISP that is not normally used.

Which of the following would BEST secure the routes while allowing the network to function in the event of a single provider failure?


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