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Genesys Cloud Certified Professional – Contact Center Admin exam introduces the fundamental concepts and major components associated with the Contact Center feature set of the Genesys Cloud platform. PassQuestion GCP-GC-ADM Exam Questions can test your skills before taking the real GCP-GC-ADM certification exam. The GCP-GC-ADM practice exam is free and contains real exam questions. If you want more real GCP-GC-ADM exam questions and answers, please contact us to get complete GCP-GC-ADM study materials!

1. Select the applicable options for Genesys Cloud Architect. (Choose three.)


2. Policies automate repetitive quality management tasks.

What items could be defined as policies? (Choose three.)


3. What statements are true regarding contact lists used for outbound campaigns? (Choose three.)


4. Which ACD routing method routes interaction to the next available agent?


5. Which option in the Audio Sequence configuration allows you to add a slight amount of silence as a Menu Prompt to avoid Architect?


6. Why are skills and languages configured separately?


7. What are callable time sets?


8. What would you select from the Admin>Outbound Dialing menu to create a new campaign?


9. The Utilization feature of Genesys Cloud allows administrators to configure: (Choose three.)


10. What attributes can be assigned to agents to ensure that interactions are routed to the most qualified agent? (Choose two.)


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