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1. Two ArubaOS-CX switches ate part of a Virtual Switching Extension (V5X) fabric. Is this a guideline for configuring the switches’ link-up delay settings?

Solution: Set the link-up delay timer based on the number of MAC forwarding, ARP, and routing table entries.



Is this something that NetEdit 2.0 does after it discovers a switch?

Solution: It collects Information about the switch hardware.


3. Is this a best practice when positioning ArubaOS-CX switches in data center networks?

Solution: Deploy Aruba CX 83xx switches as data center spine switches.


4. Refer to the exhibit.

You are adding a VLAN 30, subnet to the network shown in the exhibit. (This network is simplified to just the relevant switches for this item.) This subnet belongs in VRF A, and you have added a Layer 3 VLAN 30 interface attached to this VRF on Switch-1. You want to make the services in this VLAN available to devices in in VRF B.

Is this part of a valid setup for meeting these requirements?

Solution: Add VRF B as the secondary VRF on VLAN interface 30.


5. Does this correctly describe how Network Analytics Engine (NAE) agents work?

Solution: Agents write data to the switch’s current state database.


6. Your customer is using Nutanix AHV and they need a network orchestration tool to simplify network provisioning. Is this operation supported when Aruba Fabric Composer (AFC) is integrated with Nutanix?

Solution: Automated configuration of Layer 3 MP-BGP protocol on leaf switches


7. You plan to use multi-protocol BGP to implement dynamic VRF route leaking on an ArubaOS-CX switch.

Is this a rule for the setup?

Solution: You can only leak routes between up to three VRFs.


8. The architect designs a spine and leaf network for a single data center that will use multiple leaf switches as Virtual Tunnel End Points (VTEP). The architect needs to select the type of Integrated Routing & Bridging (IRB) for the solution.

Is this statement about the IRB type true?

Solution: Asymmetric IRB requires a third L3 VNI to route packets between ingress and egress VTEPs.


9. Is this correct positioning of AtubaOS-CX switches in the data center?

Solution: Aruba CX 8325 switches are an appropriate choice for leaf switches in a leaf-spine topology that uses Virtual Extensible LAN(VXLAN) with Ethernet VPN (EVPN).


10. Does this correctly describe Network Analytics Engine (NAE) limitations on ArubaOS-CX switches?

Solution: Different switches have different limitations for the number of NAE scripts, monitors, and agents supported.


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